V-dog and Glamping with Pets Giveaway Announcement!

In honor of Vegan Dog Month, we're partnering with Glamping with Pets to present a pawsome giveaway for you and your pooch! 

Glamping with Pets provides pet-friendly accommodations for outdoorsy adventures around the world. Taking your pup on vacation with you is easier than ever!

Enter to win the giveaway here!

Be sure to check out Glamping with Pets on Instagram for more fun giveaways and travel opportunities. 


V-dog is a 100% plant-based dog food company based in San Francisco, CA. We offer nutritionally complete, AAFCO approved nutrition for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Since 2005, we've seen thousands of dogs thrive on our veterinarian-recommended formula, experiencing health benefits such as improved joint mobility, allergy relief, and better digestion. We're proud to offer top quality pet food while reducing animal suffering and our environmental impact. Learn more about what we do at www.v-dog.com!

Questions? Check out our FAQ page or email us at support@v-dog.com.

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