V-dog: How it All Started

June 30, 2020

15 years ago, v-dog's late founder Dave Middlesworth and his wife Linda were deciding what to feed their rescue pups and were underwhelmed by the options on the market. They wanted to feed Pandy and Sparky a food that was healthy for dogs without being unhealthy for the planet.

Instead of settling, Dave made the decision to start his own dog food company and prove that dogs could thrive without harming other animals. His vision came to life in 2005 as v-dog: the first all-vegan dog food company in the US.

Dave worked with canine nutrition experts to formulate v-dog kibble, a complete and balanced diet for adult dogs that was totally animal-free. 

When v-dog hit the market, Dave was blown away by the wave of positive feedback from pet parents. Not only did dogs love this food, they were actually healing from chronic symptoms like itchy skin and digestive problems. Dave's 100% vegan kibble was not at all struggling to keep up with meat-based foods ⁠— it was exceeding them. 

15 years and thousands of dogs later, v-dog remains a vegan owned and operated family business. V-dog is carrying on Dave's vision by showing the world that dogs can absolutely thrive on a vegan diet. "We make dog food that tastes delicious, meets all nutritional requirements, and does no harm to animals," says v-dog Vice President Lindsay Rubin. "It really is that simple."

For our dogs, all animals, and the planet,

Team v-dog


V-dog is celebrating 15 years of business! Since 2005, we've seen pups of all shapes and sizes benefit from our plant-powered nutrition. Check out some of their incredible stories here, and learn more about the benefits of a vegan diet for dogs here

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