V-dog Senior Spotlight: Miracle Cancer Boy Joey

Meet Joey, a cancer survivor and active senior dog thanks to his plant-based diet! Joey's mom, Monique, shares the inspirational story of his diagnosis and recovery. Read on!

Monique adopted Joey into her family when he was 2 years old, and he lived a happy and active life. One day, at age 10, he started urinating blood and Monique rushed him to the vet. He was diagnosed with an acidic bladder stone, which was surgically removed, and put on a prescription food for urinary tract issues. The ingredients in the prescription food didn't make Monique feel much better, but she went along with her vet's advice.

A few months later, Joey started urinating blood again. An ultrasound of his bladder revealed two small lumps, which were found to be cancerous. Monique was devastated. "It broke my heart to know that we had an unknown amount of time to share with him," she says. "We took it day by day and filled his life with the things he loves the most, from squeaky toys to trips to the lake and playing at the park with his two brothers." 

Monique began researching Joey's type of cancer, transitional cell carcinoma, and the possible causes. She discovered that meat-based food is highly acidic. "What I learned was quite shocking to me. The food he had been on most of his life was the cause of his acidic system, which in turn caused his bladder stone, and a hardening of his bladder wall. When the stone was removed some of the cancer cells in his bladder wall were set free and created the two tumors in his bladder."

Monique found that local vets kept pushing the prescription diets on her, so she reached out to vegan veterinarian Dr. Armaiti May for help. Dr. May analyzed Joey's blood work and recommended switching him to v-dog right away. Three months later, she retested his blood work and his levels were almost back to normal. Not only that, but an ultrasound revealed that his tumors had shrunk drastically!

Fast forward four years, after receiving a predicted survival of about 6 months...

"Joey is thriving and doing amazingly well," Monique shares. "The combination of v-dog and medication helped him kick cancer to the curb!" Joey also stopped getting tummy upsets after switching to his vegan diet.

Joey is now 14 years old and enjoys hiking, boating on the lake, and lots of swimming. His two brothers, Timmy and Bradlee, are featured on our testimonials page here!

Monique is a firm believer in v-dog. "I'm vegan myself and being able to provide my dogs with a quality vegan food is huge. It's so much healthier for the dogs, as meat is much too acidic for them to be consuming. Thank you v-dog!"

Thanks to Monique and Joey for sharing their heartwarming story!


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