V-Dog Senior Spotlight: Kelsey & Molley

Vegan dog mama Yvonne Parker shared with us the incredible story of her two v-dogs, Kelsey and Molley. Check it out here!

Yvonne started her dogs on v-dog kibble when Kelsey was 10 and Molley was 6. Molley is now 10, and still thriving on v-dog! Unfortunately, Kelsey recently passed away from an autoimmune disease at age 14. Yvonne says, “Both my husband and I feel that v-dog helped keep her liver and kidneys from damage. Her bloodwork was amazing, and that was due to v-dog!”

Yvonne explains that while Kelsey did have to be on medication for her whole life, switching to a vegan diet allowed her to cut her meds in half due to her improved bloodwork results. After switching to v-dog, Kelsey’s weight stabilized right away, something she had struggled with in the past due to her health condition.

“We love that our dogs love V-dog, but we really loved that it gave Kelsey a better quality of life,” Yvonne says. “She was less sick and had great energy.  We will never use anything but V-dog for our dogs!!  It is truly the best gift we can give them. We have always been grateful that V-dog was one of the cheapest dog foods we used for our girls, yet it gave the best results! Thank you!”



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