V-dog Senior Spotlight: Milo

Milo, a rescued German Shepherd who spent the last 7 years of his life thriving on v-dog, lived to the age of 17 -- almost unheard of for a breed prone to hip problems and arthritis. Read on for the full story from Milo's mom, Farrah!

"At first I was worried when we rescued him from animal control in Tuscon at age 5," Farrah recounts. "He was not in very good health. However, his health only got better and better."

Farrah recalls that Milo did not got sick again after his rescue and switch to a healthier vegan diet. Up until the last week of his life, he still happily enjoyed his regular morning walk.

Farrah went vegan in 2005 for ethical reasons, and began questioning the meat-based food she had been feeding Milo. She says, "The brand recommended by my vet was much more expensive, and at one time I saw worm larvae in it. I knew I had to do better for my beloved dogs." She decided that if it was morally wrong for her to participate in the cruelty of factory farming, it was also wrong to buy these products for her pups -- especially after learning that dogs can thrive on a vegan diet.

She found v-dog in 2007 and immediately noticed a change in Milo's energy level. At 10 years old, he began chasing the ball again. "Milo loved his v-dog! He could even recognize the v-dog boxes," Farrah says. "His tail would wag just seeing them."

Farrah was overjoyed to see her dogs thriving on v-dog. "This is what lots of love and a good dog food does. Milo lived a rich, healthy, happy and very active life. Thank you, v-dog!"

Thank you, Farrah, for sharing Milo's incredible story!


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