V-dog Senior Spotlight: Pumpkin's Allergy Story

Meet Pumpkin, an American Bulldog who was prone to skin issues and was on Benadryl three times a day for allergies. Everything changed when her moms decided to switch up her diet.

"Pumpkin had a constant rash on her belly," says her mom, Clare. "Sometimes her face would swell up, which was terrifying." It got to the point where Pumpkin's vet wanted to put her on lifelong steroids. 

When Pumpkin’s moms went vegan in 2014, they learned all about the terrible practices in the dog food industry. "They put the worst of the worst in supposedly high-grade dog foods," says Clare. They decided to find a healthier alternative for Pumpkin.

They immediately saw a shift in Pumpkin's symptoms. "Within two weeks of starting a vegan diet, Pumpkin's rashes and facial swelling went away. Pumpkin is now 10 years old, happy and healthy. When she goes for her checkups, the vets often mistake her as years younger. Pumpkin loves her vegan diet, and it’s truly improved her quality of life."

Learn more about the benefits of a vegan diet for dogs here.

Check Pumpkin out on Instagram at @Pumpkin_MD. Special thanks to Clare for sharing her story! 


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