V-dog Senior Spotlight: 19 Years Old and Thriving

Meet Sydney, an Aussie mix soon to be 19 years old! Sydney is the poster child for the health benefits of a vegan diet for dogs. Her mama, Sandy, switched her to v-dog two years ago along with her 4-year-old sisters, Molly and Maggie.

"Our dogs love v-dog," says Sandy. "As soon as they hear the kibble hit the bowl, the race is on with the winner hoping that one of her slower friends will share.

People are always amazed by Sydney's energy and younger-than-19 appearance, and Sandy tells them it's all thanks to her diet. Sydney has not experienced the health decline that is typical for dogs in their teens. "We may pay a little more than economy brands, but the money saved in vet bills is worth it," says Sandy. "And a happy, healthy senior dog...priceless." 

All three of Sandy's dogs have great appetites and healthy coats, and absolutely love mealtime. Sandy is happy to feed them a food that is the best of both worlds. "I love my dogs. And I love that v-dog provides my dogs a superior food that supports their best health and does not cause the suffering of other animals." Hooray for healthy, cruelty-free dog food!

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Here at v-dog, we're all about the health and longevity of our pups. Since 2005, we've seen thousands of dogs live long, happy lives on our vegan kibble - some even into their 20s! Dogs of all ages can reap the benefits of a clean, plant-based diet, and many experience higher energy levels, reduced joint pain, and even arthritis relief after switching over. Read stories from some of our pawsome canine customers here!

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