V-dog Featured Among Bay Area Innovative Companies

The Pet Care Innovation Prize is an annual competition that supports and connects small companies that are making waves in the pet food industry. The 2018 summer tour of pet care startup cities wrapped up in San Francisco on August 29 after events in New York and Chicago.

The San Francisco event featured 7 startups and a panel discussion with industry experts. While the previous events had a lot of discussion on fundraising, legal strategies for pet care startups, marketing, the growth of services vs. products in the pet industry, and distribution channels, in San Francisco the topics included Go To Market strategies, mentorship for founders, applications for pet tech and data science, unique opportunities for cat startups, and meatless pet foods

You can view a recording of the event here, complete with quick pitches by all the startups and the panel discussion. [PCIP]

V-dog is excited to represent the growing animal-free pet food movement with its 100% vegan kibble and treats. At the hub of innovation here in San Francisco, v-dog is proving that pet food need not require slaughter or factory farming to provide superb nutrition for our animal companions. With 13 years of experience and thousands of dogs thriving on v-dog kinder kibble, v-dog is ready to lead the way towards a plant-based future for pets.


Since 2005, v-dog has seen dogs absolutely thrive on our complete and balanced plant-based formula. As a team of vegans and animal-lovers, we make animal products without animal products to benefit the health of our pups and the planet. Our kibble is veterinarian-recommended, AAFCO approved, and free of fillers and common allergens. Learn more about what we do at v-dog.com.

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