V-dog Spotlight: Hunnie's Story

"Hunnie, our 11 year old welsh pembroke corgi, was rushed to the ER vet on November 5 after a seizure. She had a second seizure while traveling to the vet. We dropped her off there with heavy hearts and full minds. We were told she needed medication and to be observed. She had an X-ray, blood work, fluids, and ICU monitoring, plus they put her on phenobarbital and prednisone. The whole ER vet visit set us back by $4,000.

We picked her up two days later and met with the neurologist, who gave us very gloomy news.

We also met a new Hunnie. She was now a zombie. The doctors told us she would be like this the rest of her life. The diagnosis was that she had a mass on her lung, a brain tumor, and almost complete blindness. I was told I would have to bring her in for $500 blood tests every other month to make sure the toxic medications were not wreaking havoc on her kidneys.

Unable to do anything alone but determined to live, she pulled her body with her front nubs, unable to use her back feet. She was drooling and zoned out. While eating and drinking she would fall into her bowl. Not even recognizing my voice. She was unresponsive pooping and peeing while laying down.

For two days I hand fed her and scooped her handfuls of water.

Then we made a change...

Our holistic doctor gave us some advice and ran some tests on her brainstem, brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, intestinal tract, stomach and lungs.

It was found that she had picked up parasites from the water she was drinking!

We set Hunnie up on a parasite detox treatment, copper supplement and homemade vegan food, along with v-dog. For two days she barely moved, but I nursed her back to health and now she is like a whole new corgi! She is walking, eating on her own, drinking on her own, sitting up all alone, pooping and peeing while standing outside. She even ran to me today! Hunnie is on her road to a full recovery.

All it took was positive thoughts, holistic medicine, homemade vegan food and getting her back onto a monthly subscription of v-dog which is by far the most healthy dog food on the market! I have no doubt in my mind that holistic vegan foods can heal just about any sickness out there and Hunnie is LIVING proof!"

Kayleigh Castle, @kayleighcastle_illustrations


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