V-dog Spotlight: The Greenebaums’ Vegan Journey

We recently got the chance to catch up with Hilary and Howard Greenebaum, V-dog customers of 11 years! Their doggie family has been thriving on a vegan diet since the year V-dog was born. Here is their inspirational story!


In 2005, Howard had a heart attack. To make matters worse, he experienced bad reactions to all his medications and developed severe rhabdomyolysis, which caused him pain in his entire body. These complications led him to ditch artery-clogging foods and go vegan along with his wife, Hilary. The couple had so much success on a vegan diet that they created the website www.BetterEatingforLife.com to teach people how and why to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle. Howard is now 86 years old and thriving!

Howard decided it was time to try out a vegan diet for their two dogs as well. He found a magazine ad for V-dog and called in, striking up a friendship with Dave Middlesworth. And with that, Howard and Hilary were self-proclaimed V-doggers for life!


“Our big dog, Shasta was about 9 years old in 2005 when we transitioned to plant based foods,” Hilary says. “He was a 135 pound malamute and the smartest most interesting dog we have ever had. Shasta had his own dog, Birdie (she wasn’t very bright but was a good dog and very sweet). Both thrived on V-Dog! I’m convinced that our big guy lived to be 16 due to his excellent diet. Sadly Birdie got hit by a car and we were devastated. We got Kenzie in 2006. Now Kenzie is 12 and going strong! In 2012 Jack joined our family and he is now about 8. Both Jack and Kenzie love their V-Dog!

"Kenzie and Jack have a great life. They walk daily, have tons of attention and love--hey, it’s a dog’s life! Their diet is obviously excellent. They have done a good job of training Howard to give them a breathbone every night around 8 PM. Somehow that seems to creep earlier and earlier…. they gather around him and shove their noses under his arm, look at him with pleading eyes, and howl the way sled dogs prefer to talk. They love their breathbones! Both dogs are in great health, their fur is shiny and thick, they don’t have any allergies (Jack did when we first got him) and have a ton of energy. The vets find us quite boring.

"What I love about V-Dog is that I can trust it to be clean and safe for my fur babies. Can you tell that I love our dogs and am quite besotted with them?! The idea of any of our food containing animals makes my stomach turn. As a vegan for 11 years now, I cannot abide the thought of eating other animals. How could I allow Kenzie and Jack to eat polluted, antibiotic riddled, dead carcasses? Not to mention the environment and how animal-based foods are ruining our planet. Feeding my dogs V-Dog relieves me of that stress. Moreover, I am so grateful to the staff at V-Dog who always help me with ordering and getting my subscription right. Everyone is such a pleasure to work with! Thank you V-Dog!”

We can’t thank Hilary and Howard enough for their never-ending support and their commitment to educating others about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Here at V-dog, we truly have the best customers!

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