V-dog Update: Shipping Rate

Dear V-Dog Lover,

It’s because of you that V-Dog is growing! Without your loyal support, without you passing along your enthusiasm and telling your friends about us—and showing how happy your dog is, too—without all you do, we wouldn’t be experiencing the growing success we are.  

Which is why this gives us paws. (And yes, the pun is intentional).

Up until now, we’ve always shipped your orders free of charge. With the world being the way it is and shipping companies being the way they are, we can no longer do that.

So we find ourselves having to implement a new shipping policy.

The good news in all of this is that the shipping policy we’re implementing is a simple and fair one. A box containting two bags of v-dog arrives at your doorstep for $9.99

*We've also added a new Subscribe and Save recurring order option*

It’s our hope that you and your dog will continue to support us since we are passionate about creating products that are not only good for your dog, but also good for all animals and for the planet.  

With much appreciation, 

Lindsay, Darren and Team V-dog

- - - - - 

 SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE: Introducing our new recurring orders option! Subscribe and save 5% on your entire order! 



* Breathbones now 20% lower price *