V-dog Wins PETA's "Hero to Animals" Award

This month, PETA honored v-dog and Linda Middlesworth with a Hero to Animals award for their kibble donation to dogs in need. Over the summer, v-dog donated 2 tons of dog food to “backyard dogs” in poverty-stricken rural areas near the PETA headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. This was especially crucial for flooded areas in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

V-dog was also involved in a PETA matching challenge. For each supporter who donated, v-dog offered a matching donation of 5 pounds of their vegan dog food. "This generous act resulted in a flurry of donations and was a huge boost to our work," says PETA.

Read more about PETA's work at peta.org and check out their Action Center to learn how you can help animals in need.



Since 2005, v-dog has seen dogs absolutely thrive on our complete and balanced plant-based formula. As a team of vegans and animal-lovers, we make animal products without animal products to benefit the health of our pups and the planet. Our kibble is veterinarian-recommended, AAFCO approved, and free of fillers and common allergens. Learn more about what we do at v-dog.com.

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Source: PETA

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