The Magic Tear-Stain Diet Cure

Tear stains: if your dog is white or has white on their cute little face, you've probably come across these pesky dark marks before. They can be a pain to resolve, especially when you've tried it all and nothing works. Before you give up once and for all, consider looking into your dog's diet.

Eye discharge can result from food allergies, which compromise the immune system and cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. Believe it or not, animal proteins (including chicken and beef) are among the most common allergens in dogs. Below are 5 stories from dogs who have become tear-stain free on a vegan diet! 

[Yes, dogs can thrive on a vegan diet! Learn more here

Grace & Melony

"Grace was the only one who would pose nicely. Grace and Melony are both doing really well on this food. Grace used to have tear stains but they are almost totally gone. Melony is 10 years old and has a lot more energy now. Both girls are doing well and I feel like their allergies are doing better. Thank you for making such a great product!"



Remi & Winnie

"Since becoming vegan, Remi and Winnie have grown into beautiful Frenchies. Perfect weight, lots of energy, they can walk a couple of miles a day (rare for their breed), no allergies, NO tear stains and most importantly they're healthy as can be. Happy pigs!"




"Sue had prominent tear stains and actually fur loss under his tee shirt because he had developed a protein allergy that we were not sure how to treat. Until v-dog came along! After a year of feeding him v-dog, vegan treats, and raw veggies, his fur has grown back shiny and healthy and his tear stains have fully disappeared. He is 3 years old and never been healthier! We are proud parents and we get compliments on how gorgeous Sue's coat is all the time! We are sure to tell everyone he meets about v-dog because it has made such a difference in his life!"



Bubbah, Bodhi & Butters

"The #1 question I get asked: 'How do you keep your boys so clean & white?' My only answer: v-dog. At 6 years old, my Bubbah was experiencing allergies, tear stains, a lackluster coat, a loss in energy, and poor oral health. I read that 90% of dog allergies are derived from the meat protein in dog food. I decided to find an alternative and within weeks saw significant improvement. His tear stains nearly disappeared, his coat became softer & shinier, his breath was less smelly, he had way more energy, and no more allergy symptoms. He's now 9 and an absolute stud. 

Seeing the benefits of the plantbased diet in my big guy prompted me to try it when I got Bodhi at 9 weeks old. Bodhi has not eaten meat for over two years. He has never developed tear stains, his coat is still soft & shiny like a puppy, he has incredible oral health, TOO much energy, and he's the healthiest bulldog anyone has ever seen. The same goes for my little man Butters, who is now one and thriving. THANK YOU V-DOG!!!"




"I started my vegan diet 30 days ago and my tear stains are completely gone!!!"

Louie, @that_bulldog_louie


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Hooray for healthy dog food that's allergen-free and cruelty free! At v-dog, we make products that are a great fit for sensitive dogs of all shapes and sizes. With our clean, plant-based ingredients, our kibble is sure to boost your pup's energy, improve digestion, resolve tear stains, you name it...all while saving the planet. Learn more about what we do at or say hello at

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