24 Vegan Dog Names to Brighten Your Day

What do vegans name their pets? We took to social media to ask our followers for their pups' vegan-friendly names. Check out some of our faves!

šŸŠ Fun fruit names

1. Fig

2. Olive

3. Tangerine

šŸ„”Ā Adorable veggie names

4. Pickles

5. Okra

6. Potato

    šŸ„œ Names that answer the question: "Where do vegans get their protein?"

    7. Tofu

    8. Bean

    9. Chickpea

      šŸ„¬ Healthy vegan food names

      10. Chia

      11. Barley

      12. Truffle

        šŸ§‡Ā Not-quite-so-healthy vegan food names

        13. Oreo

        14. Bagel

        15. Waffles

          šŸŒæ Flavorful names

          16. Basil

          17. Ginger

          18. Cocoa

            šŸŒ³ Names for nature-lovers

            19. Baobab

            20. Rain

            21. Sprout

              šŸ° ...And 3 more names that are just plain cute!

              22. Bunny

              23. Nugget

              24. Piglet


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