Vegan Dogs Featured in The New York Times

 A recent article in The New York Times features v-dog customer Kery and her dog Portland, as well as opinions/quotes from both vegan and non-vegan veterinarians.

Read the full article here: "The Vegan Dog"

What do you think about the article? Comment below! We also encourage you to comment directly on the NYT article to share your pup's vegan story with the readers of The New York Times. 


At v-dog, we consider a dog's diet from all angles. Which diet is the healthiest for our furry companions? Which diet causes the least amount of suffering to other animals? And which diet has the lightest environmental footprint (or, should we say, pawprint)? Over the 12 years we've been in business, we've seen our vegan dog food check all these boxes. Our animal-free, hypoallergenic formula has helped thousands of dogs live long, healthy lives with added benefits like improved digestion, reduced allergy symptoms, and weight management. We couldn't be happier that a diet that aligns with our ethical values also benefits our pups and the planet. We're changing the world, one bowl of kibble at a time!

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