Vegan Dogs: The Controversy Continues

A recent article on the UK Metro website stirred up some controversy by featuring a woman who feeds her dogs an exclusively plant-based diet.

26-year vegetarian Paula decided to go vegan in March of 2016. As she continued down the path of veganism, she began to get increasingly bothered by feeding her dogs meat. She started to research the topic of vegan dogs online and was excited when she discovered that dogs are omnivores and don't need to eat meat.

According to the Metro, Paula home cooks her dogs' food and he's a true veggie lover: "[My dog] Tommy always liked vegetables anyway. I did it gradually at first, introducing more fruit and vegetables, and there were no problems at all. After just a couple of weeks they were vegan too."

Her pups' favorite foods? "They really like to snack on kidney beans, and crunchy things like carrots are really good for their teeth...They eat a lot of raw veg – they’ll eat it up. They really like sweet potato and have loads of green vegetables, fruit and beans." 

The article also includes a poll where readers can weigh in on if dogs "should be given a vegan diet." Currently, the poll shows over 50% of readers disagree with a vegan diet for dogs.

The topic of feeding dogs a meatless diet is definitely not without controversy, but here at v-dog, we've seen thousands thrive on our 100% complete vegan food since 2005. 

Please note: It is important to ensure your dog's diet is a complete diet. Always consult your veterinarian before making any major changes to your pup's diet. 


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