Vegan Eggs: the Solution to Salmonella & Bird Flu

Due to concerns about foodborne illnesses such as avian flu and salmonella, industry experts are advising baked-good manufacturers to transition to animal-free egg alternatives. This swap will also cut production costs and make products more allergy-friendly.

“Recent salmonella outbreaks and egg recalls have increased demand for egg replacers in the bakery segment,” says Kathy Sargent, strategic innovation director of the bakery department for bio-ingredient company Corbion Sargent. 

Aquafaba, a brine typically made from chickpeas, is an egg-white alternative that has recently become popular in baked goods and condiments. Ingredients like aquafaba are being recognized as a vital tool in safeguarding companies against losses incurred in the animal egg industry.

According to Nesh Zalesny, technical sales manager at biotech company Fiberstar, “There are many industry experts saying the next avian flu bout is not a matter of if but when. Many of the larger scale bakeries have egg reduction as back-burner projects to mitigate risk for this reason."

During the 2015 bird flu outbreak in the US, many companies turned to vegan alternatives when egg prices skyrocketed. 7-Eleven replaced all of its mayonnaise with eggless JUST Mayo, made by food tech startup JUST.  Recently, JUST released the JUST Egg, a vegan egg made with mung beans, which outsold Egg Beaters just one week after it hit store shelves.

With plant-based egg options flourishing beyond the vegan sphere, it's becoming clear that animal-free alternatives are not only more ethical, but also more economical. Thanks to forward-thinking companies like JUST, consumers can experience the taste and texture of eggs...minus the pathogens. 


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Source: VegNews

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