Vegan Power Foods for Dogs: Asparagus

The Vegan Power Food: Asparagus

Nothing is cuter than a doggy that gives 4 paws up for veggies! Raw or cooked, veggies can be a wonderful addition to your pup's diet providing extra nutritional boosts and flavors to savor. Asparagus is an amazing vegan power food that works wonders for your fur baby! 

  • Asparagus is high in both fiber and water content
  • Asparagus is one of the best natural sources of folate
  • Asparagus has an outstanding antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient composition


Asparagus Kibble Topper Recipe

1. Cut up a few stalks of asparagus into small pieces

2. Lightly steam the asparagus 

3. Mix with v-dog kibble

4. Watch your baby wiggle in delight :)


 Do your fur children LOVE asparagus? Please let us know in the comments! :)


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(image credit: Dog Training System, Body Redesign Online, Daily Perricone)

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