Vegan Power Foods for Dogs: Pumpkin


The Vegan Power Food: Pumpkin

Fruits are the perfect combination of sweet and healthy! Certain fruits can be an awesome addition to your pup's diet providing extra nutritional boosts and mouthwatering flavors. Pumpkin is a vegan power food that can benefit your fur baby immensely!

  • 1 cup of pumpkin contains more potassium than 1 cup of banana
  • The high fiber content in pumpkin can help pups suffering with diarrhea
  • Adding pumpkin to a meal can promote a pet’s improved state of hydration and reduce heat in the body

Pumpkin Kibble Topper Recipe

1. Take a couple of spoonfuls of canned pumpkin

2. Mix with v-dog kibble

3. Watch your pup do a happy dance :)


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Nutrition facts via PetMD

(image credit: curiouslittlekid, roverdogswhotwitter)

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