Hey everyone! Lindsay from v-dog here. As a vegan woman in business, there are few fellow females as inspiring as Chloe Coscarelli, T.V. chef and co-founder of the mega-successful ByChloe restaurant chain. Whenever in NY, I made a special trip over to ByChloe for lunch. Each time, the line was literally out the door and each time the food was AMAZING. From what we know, Chloe put her heart and soul into this business. And people kept coming. The restaurant became known as a mecca of delicious vegan comfort food, enjoyed in huge part by non-vegans. We at v-dog stand #withCHLOE! 


Chef Chloe Coscarelli has been fired from her namesake vegan restaurant chain "ByChloe" after refusing to allow the co-founder to open restaurants that serve meat using her name. 

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Chloe has been a part of an ongoing legal battle to maintain the vegan-ness of her beautiful business after she was reportedly threatened by her co-founder ESquared/Jimmy Haber once he proposed to open meat-based restaurants using her name. 

More via OneGreenPlanet:

"As reported by Eater, ESquared CEO Jimmy Haber had been planning a $10 million expansion without consulting Coscarelli, which led to legal trouble. According to The New York Post, Haber had allegedly planned to open non-vegan restaurants under the By CHLOE brand, which lead to a heated argument with the co-founder of the famous vegan chain. The argument apparently got so bad that Haber warned Coscarelli that 'she would need a bodyguard if she dared to meet with him in person.' Eventually, it was decided that it was within ESquared’s rights to sever ties with Coscarelli, and continue to expand the brand without her input, which may include future locations that serve meat. But, Coscarelli is determined to ensure that her name is removed from the chain that has introduced so many people to delicious vegan food, telling The Wall Street Journal 'I will protect the integrity of my brand.'

"Given the massive success of the By CHLOE chain of restaurants, ESquared’s decision to potentially open restaurants that serve meat under the name of a vegan chef seems like a huge miss. Vegan food is so popular now that amazing vegan options, like the Impossible Burger, are being added to the menu of meat-centric restaurants — not the other way around. Regardless of the unfortunate legal battle ahead (which we hope she wins), we applaud chef Chloe Coscarelli for standing up for herself and vegan food. Whatever way this ends, Coscarelli has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the food world."


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