What A Vegan Diet Did to my Senior Dog: Photos

There's a lot of uncertainty swirling around the topic of switching dogs over from a more common meat-based diet (raw or cooked) to a 100% plant-based diet.

You might think: 

"Dogs can be vegan...but is it the most sustainable diet, health-wise, for my dog?" Or, "Is it ok to feed my dog a (complete) vegan diet long-term?"

Here, we take a trip down memory lane (aw!) for Riley the Whippet so you can get a first-hand look! 



Riley 2008, 1 year old 

Cutie puppy boy loungin' on the couch! 


Riley 2009, 2 years old 

Vogue-ing with the flowers. 

Riley 2010, 3 years old 

Posin' with a pumpkin.




Riley now (2016)

10.5 years old after 5 years on a vegan diet 

Puppy...or senior?!

Here he is again last month (October 2016)

"How old is your dog...10...you mean 10 months?" #everytime 


Loving life at the beach in San Francisco!

Riley in November 2016 at 10.5 years old, enjoying sprinting around Baker Beach! 



See him in action here!

"Senior Whippet SPRINTS at Baker Beach"



What did this diet do to Riley?

As you can see in the photos and video, Riley is a fit, energetic 10.5 year old dog. Riley continues to show off his boundless energy and happy puppy looks into his 'senior' years. His parents feel extremely confident that his energy and vitality are thanks to this plant-based diet. Riley's favorite special "human food" treats are chickpeas, strawberries and broccoli and he thoroughly enjoys meal time. Another plus? Riley's veterinarian gives him a glowing checkup every year. This year, the vet was especially amazed at his oral health (thank you, breathbones!).  Riley jumps in and out of the car with ease, bounds up and down stairs, goes on long runs/hikes, and has no trouble keeping up with the puppies at the off-leash parks. 


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Here at v-dog, we've seen thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes thrive on a plant-based diet well into their golden years.

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