What the...Veggieducken? (Holiday Recipe!)

Vegans rejoice! Although it's not a doggie recipe, we love that NPR recently showcased this healthy, bird-free main entree to wow guests with this Thanksgiving. Hearty, delicious and filling, we think this dish is sure to please!

It is wonderful to see such a giant media source, National Public Radio, feature some cruelty-free food love. Beatrice the turkey, below, approves! 


"Vegetarians don't need your sympathy on Thanksgiving,' says Dan Pashman, host of a food podcast and blog called The Sporkful. Pashman is an omnivore, but he spoke to vegetarians and found "it actually makes them feel uncomfortable when a host goes to extreme lengths to make something special just for them."

On vegetarians' reaction to the Veggieducken

"They are very impressed. Absolutely. You know, it's funny, because vegetarians do get a little defensive when you suggest they're missing out, but when I explain it to them this way, it's like, yes, I get it, you don't have to eat turkey to have a great Thanksgiving meal..."

It's time...get in the kitchen and grab the full recipe here on NPR!

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(Food image via NPR; Beatrice the Turkey photo via Free From Harm)


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