What Your Dog's Halloween Costume Says About Them

October 20, 2020

It's almost Howl-o-ween, v-doggies! And you know what that means...lots of tricks, and definitely plenty of treats! Don't forget to stock up on your pup's v-dog faves.

What is your pup going as this year? Here's what their Halloween costume says about them...


A funny costume means that your pup is the life of the party. They're a social butterfly at the dog park and might even be best friends with your mailman. 



A spooky costume means that your pup is all bark and no bite. They'll spend all day warding off intruders, only to hide under the blankets when your neighbor stops by.



A cute costume means that your pup is a master at giving you those sad puppy-dog eyes. You can't resist giving them more treats, because...just look at that face! They're adorable, and they know it.



A glam costume means that your pup wants all the attention. Like, all the time. They'd take cuddles over treats any day. (Well, maybe some of each would be good.)



A sassy costume means that your pup takes Halloween very seriously. It's the one day of the year that they can be a princess and all the humans will think it's cute. They might even give out extra treats. (Fools!)

We want to see your pup's Howl-o-ween costume! Tag us on Instagram @vdogfood.

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