Why My Dog is Vegan: Social Media Influencers Edition

From coast to coast, vegan social media dogs are showing the world what it means to thrive. Here are a few of our faves! 


“I was vegan for almost a year and a half before I put my dogs on a veggie diet. I spent that year and a half slowly and thoroughly researching the history of vegan dogs, the teeth and nutritional history of dogs, the current state of the dog food industry and the ingredients of the so-called healthy dog food brands I had bought in the past. I kept on hearing about V-Dog, a family-owned, American, plant-based dog food company, so I decided to check it out. And now we are hooked!”

- Molly


@sweetsimplevegan / @berrythechiweenie

"Berry is vegan because he loves animals, too! We found it SO easy to transition him and we have not had any problems along the way. He is healthy, happy, and a little ball of energy!"  

- Jasmine



"My dogs are sweet compassionate creatures that would never harm a soul. If they had a choice, they would choose plants over over the killing of innocent animals like themselves. Their health benefits are just an added bonus." 

- Jayde


@theveganzombie / @indythepup

"6 1/2 years on a plant based diet and a parvo survivor, Indy is strong, smart, happy and healthy thanks to v-dog".  

- Chris




"If you’ve ever looked up what they put in meat-based dog food, you’d be vegan too! I’m a healthy, 8 year old vegan girl who enjoys v-dog food, tofu, and walks through the city. (and that is not from my Tinder profile!)"

- Yolandi



"I choose a vegan diet for Bella because I've seen other dogs thrive for decades eating this way. I want to ensure that she's around as long as possible!" 

- Jason



“If my dogs thrive and are healthier on a vegan diet, then why wouldn’t I feed them that way?” 

- Sorsha



“I couldn’t stand the thought of killing other animals just to feed mine. As soon as I learned about v-dog, we made the switch!” 

- Fat Tony



"We feed Kiwi a plant-based diet since we got her when she was only 3 months old and weight only 3kg. Since then she gained over 10kg, has a healthy weight, is full of energy, her fur is shiny and soft, has a good oral health as well as smell and is overall super healthy.

The canine body has the ability to transform certain amino acids, the building blocks or protein, into others, meaning that dogs can get all the amino acids they need while avoiding meat. Plus the conventional meat-based dog foods are really made out of garbage which if you care about your dog I recommend staying away from."

- Tanja & Ferdinand


Here at v-dog, we're all about feeding our pups an ethical and nutritious diet. Since 2005, we've seen thousands of dogs live long, happy lives on our vegan kibble - some even into their 20s! Dogs of all shapes and sizes can reap the benefits of a clean, plant-based diet, and many experience major health turnarounds after making the switch. Read stories from some of our pawsome canine customers here!

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