Why These 7 Dogs are Vegan: Instagram Edition

July 9, 2020

Here are v-dog, we're celebrating our 15th year in business! Over the years, we've partnered with some pawesome ambassadors who have witnessed what an incredible difference a vegan diet has made to their dogs' health and longevity. 

In celebration of our plant-powered community, we asked social media influencers Samantha, Sorsha, Tina, and Andrew about their favorite fruit and veggie treats to share with their pups, and of course, why they choose to feed them a vegan diet.


Samantha & (from left to right) Moose (age 3), Popcorn (age 1), Baloo (age 12 ½), and Lily (age 8)


"We’re truly proof that no matter the breed, size, or age, dogs can thrive without meat"

🌱  How long have your pups been vegan? I started feeding my pups and foster dogs vegan food a few years ago. 

🍉  What is your favorite fruit or veggie treat to share with your pups? Mangoes and blueberries! I often add my smoothies on top of their food for an extra yum treat. 

💛  Why do you choose to feed your pups vegan? I choose to feed my dogs vegan for their health, the environment, and to benefit all animals. I first found v-dog for Baloo, who has had so many allergies since he was a puppy. I tried EVERYTHING for him. Every animal meat, raw, not raw, etc. Some foods he did better on then others but ultimately he would have some type of allergic reaction - then I discovered v-dog and his allergies improved tremendously. When I started Lily on it her hair started growing over her old scars and she just looked healthier. When Moose came to our house I honestly thought I might need to feed him some type of animal because well, he’s a wolf, but he’s done amazing on it and no longer has to take Apoquel (allergy medication). Popcorn's done great on it since adopting him so we’re truly proof that no matter the breed, size, or age, dogs can thrive without meat. The majority of our meat is produced in factory farms - and the animals are simply not healthy. They often have tumors or illnesses that get unchecked or even the tumors get cut around by the butcher and the rest is sold for consumption. It is simply not what I want to feed to myself or my pups.


Sorsha & Deery Lou (age 15)


"V-dog ended up healing all of Deery Lou's health problems."

🌱  How long has Deery Lou been vegan? She’s been vegan for 10 years.

🍉  What is your favorite fruit or veggie treat to share with her? She’s LOVING watermelon and carrots lately!

💛  Why do you choose to feed her vegan? Before feeding her a vegan diet, her health was declining. She could barely walk, she would yelp if you lightly pet her, and she couldn’t keep on weight. I tried all different kinds of fancy non-vegan dog foods and nothing worked. At the time, I recently went vegan so I decided to look into a vegan diet for dogs. I then discovered that Follow Your Heart, a vegetarian/vegan grocery store and restaurant, carried v-dog which ended up healing all of Deery Lou’s health problems. It was incredible! She has been able to keep on healthy weight, her coat is shinier and softer, her fur never gets greasy, she can be comfortably pet, and she skips when I take her on walks. Her non-vegan vet even says that Deery Lou is one of her healthiest patients! 


Tina & Kimba (age 8)

@veganpitbulls and @kimbagram

"Five years in a row now, Kimba's vets tell us she is the perfect example of a happy and healthy pitbull."

🌱  How long has Kimba been vegan? This will be Kimba’s 5th year as a fully veggie loving vegan doggie.

🍉  What is your favorite fruit or veggie treat to share with her? To say Kimba is highly motivated by fruit and veggies is a complete understatement. Her favorite fruit is watermelon. During hot summer days I will blend her watermelon and freeze it for an extra cool watermelon ice pop. Her fav veggies are cucumbers and broccoli. Although she will chow down any veggies we give her.

💛  Why do you choose to feed her vegan? Kimba had terrible rashes and allergies to the meat based kibble we used to give her five years ago. She especially could not handle any poultry as it would give her bad diarrhea, stomach aches and big red itchy rashes. She didn’t have much energy to play or run around. We spent thousands of dollars on vet bills trying to find different solutions and vets to figure out what was wrong with her. Eventually we found out about v-dog and after doing months of research, calling up the v-dog team and nutritionists, we started transitioning her over to a vegan diet. We also began to replace all her old calorie-heavy, meat based treats with veggies and fruit and baked home made highly nutritious and healthier plant based treats. We always try to mix in veggies to her v-dog kibble too for some extra crunch and boost. After just a few weeks of transitioning her, we noticed a huge difference! Kimba was full of energy, smiles, wanted to play with us all the time, her rashes started going away and her 💩  looked normal. She was a completely different (happier) dog! Five years in a row now, her vets tell us she is the perfect example of a happy and healthy pitbull, thriving and healthier than ever.


 Andrew, Stephanie & Parker (age 2)


"Animals don't have to die for Parker to live. Animals are friends, not food."

🌱  How long has Parker been vegan? Since October 2018.

🍉  What is your favorite fruit or veggie treat to share with him? Healthy favs would be banana, carrots & watermelon. Not so healthy favs are peanut butter & vegan bacon.

💛  Why do you choose to feed him vegan? Because our family is vegan & animals don’t need to die for us to eat. Just like us, animals don’t have to die for Parker to live. Animals are friends, not food.

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