Wildlife Officials Raid Tiger Temple Over Welfare Concerns, Begin Removing Animals

via World Animal News

"BANGKOK — Thai wildlife officials from the Department of National Parks have raided the Thailand Tiger Temple and began removing several of the 137 tigers kept at the temple amidst accusations that monks were involved in illegal breeding and trafficking of the animals." 

"Some animal advocates have suggested that the animals appear drugged in order to more readily interact with tourists who pay for selfies with the tigers." 

"The director of Thailand's Wildlife Conservation Office, Teunjai Noochdumrong, stated that three tigers were tranquilized and moved from the temple in Kanchanaburi province west of Bangkok to a state-run sanctuary. Officials will return on Tuesday to continue the removal of the tigers."


"The temple had recently been granted a permit to operate as a zoo, but the government later determined that the operators failed to secure sufficient resources. The Thai government introduced new animal welfare laws in 2015 directed at preventing animal abuse, but were accused by animal advocates of not adequately enforcing them. We would like to thank cee4life for your dedication and continued efforts for the protection of these tigers."


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Image Credits: asknapi, festerlivenewsudonthani, flying-dutchgirl, cnn, latestworldinformation
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