Your Dog's Heart Races When You Say "I Love You"

September 17, 2020

Do dogs understand us when we tell them we love them? According to a new study, dogs don't just respond to words like "sit" and "stay" — they actually show an increase in heart rate when you say "I love you." 

And if that isn't enough to warm your heart, the study also found that snuggling with your pup can calm their heart rate significantly. 

The study used heart rate tracking collars to monitor the heart rates of four dogs over a seven day period. On average, their heart rate was 67 bpm, but jumped to 98 bpm when their parents told them they loved them — an increase of 46%! On the flip side, cuddling slowed the dogs' heart rates 23%, from 67 bpm to 52 bpm.

The pet parents involved in the study also experienced a 10% average increase in heart rate when being reunited with their pups.

According to Harvard Medical, "Several studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure than non-owners — probably because their pets have a calming effect on them and because dog owners tend to get more exercise." 

Dogs show their love in many ways—from curling up next to you to wiggling when you come home to bringing you their favorite toy—and showing that we love them back won't go unnoticed. Be sure to give your pup an extra cuddle today! 

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