YouTuber Jake Mace Reviews V-dog!

Jake Mace (@VeganAthlete on YouTube) says he's frequently asked what he feeds his four rescue dogs. As a vegan, he knows that being a dog parent can be tough -- what can you feed your pup that is both compassionate and healthy? Luckily, after doing some research, he learned that with a balanced vegan diet, other animals don't have to suffer in order for his dogs to live and thrive.

Jake feeds his dogs a variety of plant foods, including fresh fruits and veggies from his own garden and homemade vegan meals that he cooks up himself. Seeking a convenient, ready-made dog food for himself and his viewers, he ordered up a bag of v-dog kibble along with some wiggle biscuits and breathbones. All three products were a big hit with his pups!

"Dogs can be healthier on a vegan diet than a meat-based one," Jake explains. "Dogs are omnivores; they're opportunistic." Additionally, the scraps used in meat-based pet food are merely slaughterhouse waste -- byproducts deemed unfit for human consumption. Consuming this leftover junk can lead to serious health issues, such as cancer and various degenerative diseases.

Jake and his dogs give v-dog rave reviews. "Good for the people at v-dog for being forward-thinking and compassionate," he says. Thanks to Jake for spreading the vegan love!

Watch his video here!


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