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kibble & soft food bundle

$46.99 USD

Maybe you're new to v-dog...or maybe your pooch wants to try our nutritionally complete kind kibble and happy harvest soft food. Well, here's your chance at a discount.

Find out how much your dogs loves our savory wet food (which is complete and balanced for all dogs, including puppies) while also sampling our plant-based kibble for 10% OFF.

Add this bundle to your subscription for an addition 10% OFF.

We’re a totally different kind of dog food company. Since 2005 we have been dedicated to making products that are better for your pup & the planet

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Vdog will extend my chihuahuas life!

My fourteen year old chihuahua enjoys Vdog kibble along with his homemade food. I feel good about giving him both because they are extending his life!

Wag Bag for Life!

What's not to love? My two dogs love the jerky and chew bones, plus I use the little blueberry and peanut butter treats in their puzzles. That keeps them busy for a couple of minutes while foraging. And the can of wet food is always a crowd-pleaser - I put it on top of their kibble at meal time.

Yummy vegan dog food

My husband and I are both Vegan so we love when our dogs enjoy vegan food. They never leave any in their bowls. I have been buying VDog kibble for years
For past Dogs. Love that VDog has cans as it works as a great topper.

Dogs love it!

My dogs love all the treats I got in the Wag Bag for large dogs. They are easy to feed & I feel really good that no animals were killed.
The canned food I mix in with their dry food.
It also works GREAT to get a little on a spoon & scrape off with your finger to put pills in. Both my pits are on thyroid.

Great Assortment

Lots of variety, and our two pooches love them all.

Best choice ever made!!👌🏽

My dogs got their puppy energy back after changing to vdog!!! One 16 yrs and my other 12, they have never taken to a so quick and for so long! Skin allergies gone! Energy back and better then ever! They have been on this food for so many years now! I wish i would of had them on it when i first heard of vdog! They love all the treats! I honestly cant express how happy i am with how this food has changed my dogs lives! Im sure I've earned some extra years with them!

Good weight loss food

We recently ordered the Soft Food. The dogs love it. It only has 1 calorie per gram so the dogs need more to get the calories in. I have small dogs with tiny tummies and they are not used to eating so much volume. The kibble has 3.3 calories per gram and heaps more protein. IMO I think a mix of the kibble and soft food is best. But if you have a hungry dog who likes volume eating and needs to lose a few pounds, I would use the soft food.

LOVE the shampoo bar!!!

First of all, I love V-dog. I’ve been a happy customer for a few years now. My dogs Beau and Ziba are both on V-dog food and love the treats! However, I just tried out the shampoo bar and I had to come back and buy another! It was amazing to use. Way way way easier than a bottle of anything else. It went over my dog’s body seamlessly and created the perfect amount of suds on all body parts. There was no re-applying a liquid from a bottle to all body parts. Very easy and effective to use. It just makes so much sense. It smelled so great and left her hair feeling perfect and moisturized. I love everything about it really. Ziba has seasonal allergies, and I’m looking forward to bathing her with this bar more frequently this year. Thanks, V-dog! Oh, and they have amazing customer support as well! Oh, did I mention the smell? Yeah, well anyway… perfect!! Haha

My corgi LOVED everything in the bundle

I bought the bundle first to see if my dog would like the food and treats. She absolutely loves every single thing, especially the breath bones! Piper has a very sensitive stomach so I've been slowly mixing the V-dog samples in with her normal food, and so far, no GI issues! Once her previous kibble is finished, we will be putting her exclusively on V-dog. Very happy with the bundle, the products, and the mission of this company to set a high standard for vegan dog food. My husband is still skeptical, but as a veterinary professional, I am confident that this food is nutritionally complete and well-formulated, and a great alternative to traditional dog foods.

Good change it seems.

We have recently changed our two aussie mixes to the v-dog line of kibble. They get salmon oil on top as they don’t love the kibble without it. Neither dog was overweight, but both have gotten that young dog swoop and more defined waist since starting this product several months ago. I feel like it has possibly helped with bloating? I’m not sure, but they look GREAT! One dog had pretty intense shedding after the change but that has leveled out and her coat seems a bit softer now. I’m happy with the change and they have adjusted pretty well overall I’d say.