The majority of a dog’s carbon footprint comes from their food. A plant-based diet dramatically reduces greenhouse gases and the pollution of land, air & water.

Saves animals

We make animal products without animal products, protecting critters of all and sea!

Conserves water

More than 50% of the water in the U.S. is used for livestock with a quarter pound burger using over 600 gallons.

Reduces energy

Animal agriculture contributes to global warming more than all transportation.

Preserves land

Clearing land for grazing animals causes more than 90% of deforestation.

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Made in the good ‘ol USA.

V-dog is a proud California company. All of our products, bags, boxes, production facilities, warehouses and shipping carriers are produced and based in the good ol' US of A.

We like the idea of creating jobs here in our country, plus keeping things made in America helps us reduce our environmental footprint on this planet we all share.

Hooray for American-made, healthy dog goodies!