V-dog Formulation & Production Q&A

Does v-dog have a veterinary nutritionist on staff? Who formulates v-dog's products?

V-dog works with PhD pet food formulators and veterinary nutritionists to formulate new products and ensure that our existing products are up to date with AAFCO standards. As a small company we do not have a nutritionist on-staff, but in addition to consulting nutritionists, we work closely with a team of 
veterinarians who have extensive experience with vegan diets for dogs. Our products are formulated by industry experts in canine nutrition.

Does v-dog kibble meet AAFCO standards? Does v-dog use AAFCO feeding trials? 

V-dog kibble meets all AAFCO standards for adult dog nutrition. As a vegan company, we've been concerned with using traditional lab-generated feeding trials for our products. We have not conducted any laboratory feeding trials for v-dog kibble. We've been producing and selling our kibble since 2005 and seen thousands of dogs thrive on our formula. 

Where are your products manufactured? Can your manufacturing facilities be visited?

All of our products are manufactured in the USA. Our production facility is currently not open to the public, but we hope to have this option available in the future as our company grows.

What quality measures do you use to assure consistency and quality? Have v-dog products ever been recalled?

Our products undergo a 48 hour hold post-production, during which they are tested for quality, safety, and nutrition. V-dog has not had any recalls since going into business in 2005.

Are v-dog products cruelty-free?

As a vegan owned and operated business, v-dog is 100% cruelty-free and always will be. We're committed to making products that are kind to all animals and gentle on the planet.

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