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5 Paw Rating 🐾

ABSOLUTELY in love ♡ with the jerky! I just can’t get enough. If the human left the bag laying about, I’d definitely devour the entire thing. This jerky is SO woofin’ delicious even my non vegan friends beg for more. It’s a must have item fursure.

Awesome Customer Service

I've been ordering v-dog for my dog for a year now both off their website and Chewy and this last time there was an issue with delivery, and Anna kindly helped resolve the issue. I am grateful for their genuine support and for their amazing food that my dog absolutely loves and thrives off of!

LOU! loves ‘em!

My wonderful neighbor Lucy gifted a bag of these jerky treats and my best little pal is impressed. He’s 12-lb poodle mix and as a previous reviewer noted, they break into nice pieces with which I can supplement his other daily treats. Thanks, Lucy! Thanks, plants! Thanks, v-dog!


I really was thinking when I ordered these, that they would not be a hit. I was soooo wrong. I have 5 rescue dogs and every one of them love these little biscuits! I'm so so relieved. I have one with allergies that he wont let me treat, so I'm really hoping switching to all Vdog products will help. I just got my order today so I'll give it a month and do another review. Healthier for my dogs, easier on the planet, cruelty free........WIN WIN WIN

v-dog kind jerky
Great for small breeds!

I love that you can break this into pieces for smaller dogs. I think if you have a toy dog you might have a harder time getting the piece small enough, but I have an <20 lb dog that is obsessed with these and I use them are training treats. Love that they are high in protein and low sugar.


A picture says a thousand words so for sure I’m adding one. My dog lost most of his hair due to stress when we had to leave periodically for a family emergency. At the time we also had him on another dog food. I remembered how glistening his coat was on v-dog before so I immediately changed him back. Two months later he’s back to his normal shiny as a Christmas ball self! I’m so thankful knowing he feels better and this food is it! So if anyone questions if a dog can thrive on a vegan diet here’s proof!

Still Our Go To After All These Yrs- 17 yr old dog approved

My pom Ozzy has been on V-Dog for yrs. He has severe allergies to all meat proteins and his vet recommended V-Dog. Ozzy is a happy, healthy boy. And even at his old age, he still doesnt miss a beat! Thanks V-Dog. Pomeranian approved.

He Likes it! Hey Ralphie!

my little guy loves it! I add cut-up steamed broccoli and will add some brown rice on occasion. I use a little hot water to soften. I thought about low sodium veggie stock, just not sure if even that is too much sodium for him

My pomchi really loves this dog food!

Since making the switch, I was afraid of my girl not approving, as she is a picky eater. To my surprise, she loves the food! The small dog kibble is perfect for her tiny teeth as well. I will definitely continue to purchase for her!

Bean the Pug & Cookie the Shih Tzu LOVE V-Dog!

My pug and shih tzu LOVE this food! They're on a wright-loss diet currently, especially my tzu, do I add steamed frozen mixed veggies to less than the recommended amount of kibble to fill up their tummies better. :) They're doing AMAZING!

Luna loves it

Love the food my dog has a lot of allergies and she has always been Super finicky with past food. The ingredients are 80% great! I wish they used a better oil like olive or Avocado, or even expeller pressed vegetable oil. Also, would love if they didn’t use Natural Flavors. Hopefully that changes at some point for the health and longevity of our fur babies . Unfortunately high quality, organic, clean, minimally processed plant-based dog food is very difficult if not impossible to come by. V-dog has been the best one I’ve been able to find thus far.

Best bones ever!

These bones are loved by all 4 of our babies. If you say the word “bone” 4 wagging tails appear immediately.
Love that they love them, that they are healthy and that they are vegan🥰

I am 16 going on 17

I wrote a review two years ago about my elderly 14 year old Lab/Pyr mix. Well, it's two years later and he's still going strong :)

My Roxy is a fan!

Roxy is a rescued Cairn Terrier, which means that she's older and has a lot of dental issues that make it harder to eat some of the other dry foods, she's a lot pickier ( i believe someone may have tried to poison her) and also with being a Terrier, they have more odor, especially because most food cause a flatulence issue but with V- Dog, she had no problems with it and with the small size pellets, she was Easley able to eat i with no issues with loose or brittle teeth.
Thank you V-Dog!

Best dog food on the market!

Before switching to V-Dog, dog used to throw up every single day and have awful stomach issues. We tried different things, but once we started feeding her V-Dog, the issues completely went away. She’s been eating it for two years and loves it! It’s gentle on her tummy and she’s thriving on it. It was a priority for me to find vegan kibble for her since we do not want to cause any harm to other animals feeding our own dog, and we are so happy we found V-Dog!


Just made the switch to v-dog. I wasn’t sure how my pack would react to it, but my Chis dug around in their bowls and ate the v-dog out of the transition blend lol.

Years Later And Still Our Go-To For Allergies: Senior Pom Approved

OzzyDog has had sever food allergies and alopecia his entire life. We struggled or years with many vets, many meds, and many diets before figuring out what was causing his reactions. He was suffering dry itchy skin, exaggerated hair loss, lethargic, vomiting, tummy troubles... We were finally able to seek out an amazing vet, who performed tests and took skin samples to narrow down the problem. She recommended V-Dog and we've been buying it since. Ozzy is 16 yrs old, spunky as ever, and sporting a full coat. Happy Dog, Happy Dad.

kind kibble sample

My dogs seems to like it. But, he'll eat just about anything.

kind kibble sample
Kind Kibble Mininni Bites

My babies are 14 and 2, and are pretty picky eaters. I wasn't sure how they would feel about anything vegan, but, to my surprise, they did not hesitate when I offered them the V-Dog Kind Kibble Mini Bites. If you have thought of trying these with your fur babies, don't think twice! I bet they will love them, too!

kind kibble sample
Great 👍🏼

My dogs loved actually all 3 of them, they kept looking for more after 4hr bag was gone

kind kibble sample
So good

Narnia, my Great Pyrenees, gobbled up the v-dog and begged me for more.

kind kibble sample
Dogs loved it

Great sized kibble and both dogs loved it

kind kibble sample
V-dog dog food

I was able to get a free sample and my dog really loved it! I’m going to have to purchase a bag for her!

kind kibble sample
Really Good dog food

All 5 of my fur babies absolutely loved it and actually preferred it over their regular dog food.

kind kibble sample
dogs loved it

All four of my dogs two large breed to medium breed enjoy this food tremendously. Ate it up like it was a treat!

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