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Happy & healthy!

My two Goldens have used V-dog for years. My 10 year young girl is the longest living Golden ( she is my third Golden ) I've ever had!

Our dog loves this!

Our puppy loves her V dog food and will be a V dog for life! Our family is vegan and we’ve very much enjoyed this product, as well as the Customer Service that goes along with it!

Carmie says Yes!

Carmie has been thriving on V-dog for 7 years! She’s energetic, and her skin and hair looks and smells good. I love her temperament, loving and playful. Thank you V-dog!!

They love these!

My girls love v dog food. When we received a bag of jerky treats they were right there while I was opening the box. It's like they knew something special was inside. I have them each a jerky strip. They're eyes got really big and they ran off with the treats. They love them! It's nice that you can easily snap them into smaller pieces for an older dog or small dog to chew. Thank you v dog. We 💚 you!

5/5 my dogs love it.

5/5 my dogs love it.

kind kibble
We can always count on V-Dog

We rescued Watson almost 3 years ago now from an older couple who didn’t feed him well socialize him much. He’s come such a long way and I think His food helps him be such the amazing dog he is! He still looks forward to eating it twice a day and loves the jerky treats to supplement his daily veggie/fruits he gets as well. Thank you for putting out more products for our vegan companions that are healthy and convenient for delivery. My dog of 14 years before Watson, also loved his V-dog too!

My dogs favorite

I have three dogs a jack russel pug, a boston terrier beagle mix and a rat terrier and they love the kind jerky and the breath bones above all their treats.

Dogs are happy with it

Our dogs like it and it’s way more affordable than making homemade vegan dog food. Glad I found v dog and switched to them


My dogs stand at the pantry door waiting for their "after dinner desserts" every night!!

Works great for my dog

My 3 yr old dog was 39 lb when we pickit it up from the foster/shelter. We put her on v-dog after about 3 months after gettting her & now She is 52 lb. Nice coat.

kind kibble

My dogs love V Dog! They are healthy and happy!

kind kibble
Iva W.

My dog likes the food but their shipping takes a long time.

Mini bites are perfect for our small dogs!

Thanks you for making a small bite kibble, our toy poodles love to eat their VDog!

They smell so good!!

The blueberry wiggle treats are the best, our toy poodle boys love them! Thanks for making such delicious and healthy vegan treats!

Our boys love these!

Keeps them busy for a while and they love them!! Thanks for making healthy vegan treats!


The girls absolutely LOVE the Kind Jerky!

our picky shih tzu LOVES this jerky!

Our picky little shih tzu isn't interested in most snacks/food. However, he consistently loves this jerky! It's so nice to have a treat for him that we know he loves.


My dog and his best friend just love these tasty snacks. Like all V-dog products. Dogs love them!!

Both foster dogs LOVE this jerky

I won some kind jerky at a local event and have been giving it to my two foster dogs every evening as a bedtime snack. They both get very excited about it and plant their butts on the ground the second they hear the bag opening.

We love V-Dog!

We love V-Dog!! We've been using it since we adopted our dog, 6.5 years ago. When she first came home, we fed her "traditional" kibble, and she kept getting sick. We tried SO. MANY. brands. Everything kept making her sick. We even tried just plain chicken and rice. Still made her sick. So, we decided to give V-Dog a shot, and all problems were solved! She loves it, we love it. Thank you V-Dog!!

Dog crack!

This is a serious treat! My dog will run through every trick in the book to get at these yummy treats.


My boy ( Doberman) has had so many issues ( pancreatitis, environmental allergies, ear issues, etc) . I’ve tried all kinds of dry and raw food. This is the only food that has worked. He’s been on it for about two years now and omg I see such a huge difference! Thank you v-dog!

Dogs are healthy.. No meat needed!

This is our second generation of dogs eating it.. they usually prefer we add in a treat or vegs with it. They are a healthy bunch 😊

New puppy loves this!

We recently adopted a 3 month old pup and have been slowly transitioning his food to V-Dog and he LOVES IT. We've also noticed a change in his digestion the longer he's on it.

Kind Kibble is the Best

My two girls have been eating Kind Kibble since they were pups. They just "gobble" it up.