vegan dogs


vegan dogs


Everything you need to know about vegan dog food

Plant-based or meat-based diet: which is best?

Learn why pet parents choose vegan food for their pups

What to expect when your dog goes vegan  

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"My dogs love v-dog!"

“And so do I! It's awesome to know they are getting all the right vitamins and minerals while being vegan. 

Now our whole house is environmentally conscious!"  - Lana

vegan & cruelty-free

picky pup approved

California made

corn, soy & wheat-free

This complete & balanced vegan dog food has all the yummy nutrition your pup needs without any of the junk they don't.

No more stinky dog breath! These vegan treats not only improve dental health, they give your pooch clean, cinnamon-y breath.

These treats are more than just tasty...they're packed with the kind of organic goodness your pup deserves to stay happy & healthy.

We're vegans and we like animals...a lot.

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