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About Wag Bag for Large Dogs

Now your furry family can try all our treats in one complete bundle...and with a nice little discount. Your wag bag includes...

  • 1 x bag of regular breathbones
  • 1 x bag of kind jerky
  • 1 x bag of organic blueberry wiggle biscuits
  • 1 x bag of organic peanut butter wiggle biscuits
  • 1 x all-natural v-dog shampoo bar 

Surprise your pups with their own v-dog gift box. But beware! Wag bags may induce dangerous levels of zoomies. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
LOVE the shampoo bar!!!

First of all, I love V-dog. I’ve been a happy customer for a few years now. My dogs Beau and Ziba are both on V-dog food and love the treats! However, I just tried out the shampoo bar and I had to come back and buy another! It was amazing to use. Way way way easier than a bottle of anything else. It went over my dog’s body seamlessly and created the perfect amount of suds on all body parts. There was no re-applying a liquid from a bottle to all body parts. Very easy and effective to use. It just makes so much sense. It smelled so great and left her hair feeling perfect and moisturized. I love everything about it really. Ziba has seasonal allergies, and I’m looking forward to bathing her with this bar more frequently this year. Thanks, V-dog! Oh, and they have amazing customer support as well! Oh, did I mention the smell? Yeah, well anyway… perfect!! Haha

My corgi LOVED everything in the bundle

I bought the bundle first to see if my dog would like the food and treats. She absolutely loves every single thing, especially the breath bones! Piper has a very sensitive stomach so I've been slowly mixing the V-dog samples in with her normal food, and so far, no GI issues! Once her previous kibble is finished, we will be putting her exclusively on V-dog. Very happy with the bundle, the products, and the mission of this company to set a high standard for vegan dog food. My husband is still skeptical, but as a veterinary professional, I am confident that this food is nutritionally complete and well-formulated, and a great alternative to traditional dog foods.

Good change it seems.

We have recently changed our two aussie mixes to the v-dog line of kibble. They get salmon oil on top as they don’t love the kibble without it. Neither dog was overweight, but both have gotten that young dog swoop and more defined waist since starting this product several months ago. I feel like it has possibly helped with bloating? I’m not sure, but they look GREAT! One dog had pretty intense shedding after the change but that has leveled out and her coat seems a bit softer now. I’m happy with the change and they have adjusted pretty well overall I’d say.

Making a change

I've always cooked my dogs food; chicken, rice and veggies. But I've worried about correct nutritional composition of my food and wanted crunchies for her teeth. I don't eat meat and believe industrial farming is cruel and environmental harmful. So this V-dog was very interesting to me. My dog loves the crunchies and is tolerating the switch over nicely (I've tried other dog food and it didn't go well). I like all the information on the website and feel like this is a good company. Win-win. Thanks V-dog.