Playful Pup Again!

"Earlier this year I transitioned to an entirely plant-based diet, and I started wondering about doing the same for my dogs. I was worried about the quality of animal products in their food, and a vegan friend of mine told me about v-dog because her dogs are also v-dog fans. After doing some research and reading about how v-dog helped reduce inflammation and gave older dogs so much energy and mobility again, I decided to switch my dogs to v-dog. My senior girl Willow, has arthritis, knee problems, and her hips were starting to bother her. She used to be such a playful dog and her mobility was becoming more limited. I had my dogs on a grain-free diet, and after we made the switch to v-dog, I noticed within weeks she had a ton more energy and was running, jumping and playing again with my 2-year-old pup. She lost excess weight, and keeps up with him now and it makes me so happy to see her have so much life again! Thank you v-dog!"


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