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At v-dog, our team strives to save animals and protect our planet. That's why we worked with canine nutritionists to develop our nutritionally complete kind kibble, soft food happy harvest, and healthy treats. As a mission-based company for over 16 years, we've supported countless nonprofit organizations to help foster a cruelty-free world and spread awareness about the health benefits of a plant-based diet for dogs.


The direct impact of switching your pups to a healthy plant-based diet is astonishing, and you can read about your contribution to the planet and animals here. When your pack (humans and dogs) eats a vegan diet, you're saving water, land, and animals with every bite. Plus your orders allow our team to provide ongoing aid to various nonprofits, dog rescues, environmental organization, and animal sanctuaries all working to make a difference.
We don’t just make delicious, nutritionally balanced dog food, we’re also…

changing the world one dog bowl at a time

mission-based &
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V-goodies to dogs in need

Project Street Vet

Dogs everywhere need our help, and we've partnered with Project Street Vet for that very reason. Founded by Dr. Kwane Stewart in 2020, Project Street Vet provides free veterinary care, treatment, and support to the pets of individuals experiencing homelessness and/or housing vulnerability. The inspiring volunteers at Project Street Vet hope to motivate other veterinarians and veterinary teams around the world to provide much-needed resources to these pets and their people. To support their efforts and the famlies the Project Street Vet team meets every day, v-dog makes continuous donations so that every dog feels spoiled and loved with healthy treats, nutritious food, and good hygiene.

Plastic removal


Almost all companies produce some amount of plastic waste, and though we're constantly researching alternative materials that are strong and food-safe for your dog's kibble and treats (as well as compostable and recycle-ready solutions), v-dog uses plastic to preserve the nutrition and integrity of our consumable products. Of course, our team of vegans also believes that we have a responsibility to the environment that we share with other people and animals. Through our commitment to the plastic negative campaign with rePurpose Global, we're able to support countless waste workers that recapture more than double the amount of plastic from the environment than v-dog actually uses, recovering 25,583 lbs. of plastic in 2023 alone. In partnership, rePurpose Global allows us to measure and reduce our plastic footprint and recover plastic waste before it enters oceans and other natural environments, thus protecting countless animals from harm and water sources from contamination.

Every Animal Is Someone

PETA + Oscars partnership

Our team collaborated with PETA on the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags given independently to top 2024 Oscar® nominees in the major acting and directing categories. V-dog pledged 10,000 meals for dogs in need that are served by PETA fieldworkers on a daily basis. As part of this initiative, select nominees—including Cillian Murphy, Ryan Gosling, Lily Gladstone, and America Ferrera—received a special gift bag with v-dog’s dog treats, a PETA “Every Animal Is Someone” beanie, and a returnable postcard that provided a donation of 140 meals in the donor’s name. PETA’s Global Compassion Fund is at the forefront of animal rights efforts, helping to provide animals affected by natural and human-made disasters with food and veterinary care and funding spay/neuter programs in underserved communities. The fund serves as a beacon of hope for animals in distress around the world.

Thanks to your continued support, we were able to donate to many nonprofits

AGWC Rockin' Rescue

West Michigan Rescue and Sanctuary

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Austin Farm Sanctuary

Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

Family Dogs New Life

Determined to Rise Animal Foundation

Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team

The Underground Dog

Spiritual Haven Animal Sanctuary

Project Street Vet

Heartwood Haven

Another Chance Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Live Free Santuary

4 Kindness Animal Rescue

Dirty Dog Squad

Little Hill Sanctuary

Wishaven Rehab


Paysour mountain animal sanctuary

Peace Ridge Sanctuary

House of Gino & Co.

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