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Your impact

Saving animals

Your dog saves another animal every day with v-dog. That's one less animal being turned into a commidity for human consumption. That's one less animal suffering at the hands of animal agriculture (not to mention the thousands of other animals our donations support).

Conserving water

Your dog saves 5,000 gallons (on average) of water each day they stay a member of the v-dog pack. That's water that can now be use for drinking or growing other crops. So too, you're also not contaminating clean water supplies with hundreds of thousands of gallons of waste runoff from animal agriculture.

Protecting planet

Your dog significantly lowers your overall carbon paw-print when you choose v-dog for your family. Together, we can curb the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Partnering with rePurpose Global, our company continues to remove twice as much plastic from the environment as we produce with packaging.

preserving land

Your dog uses 90% less land for their food and perserves up to 16 acres of forest (on average) every day they eat v-dog. That's almost 6,000 acres per year. And as more dogs (and humans) join the vegan movement, we can reforest significant areas with plenty of space for sustainable farming practices.



Our team of animal advocates works closely with many rescues and animal sancturies to provide donations and raise funding for crucial services through exciting promotions. Send us info about your organization, and our team will find a way to help your animals with donations and/or affiliate coupon codes.