Senior dogs

How can I learn about my senior dog's health?

All pet parents inevitably have to adapt to the needs of their pups as they advance in years, and switching them to a plant-based diet can be one of the easiest ways of boosting your senior dog's health right away.

Is v-dog okay for senior dogs?

Yes! Our kibble is an excellent fit for seniors, who often suffer from issues like joint pain and arthritis as they age, and our happy harvest soft food is perfect for older dogs with missing teeth or other dental problems.


Can puppies eat v-dog?

The short answer is yes. But keep reading, and we'll explain that answer in more detail.

Our kibble is technically an "adult formula" since it was formulated by experts to meet AAFCO standards for dogs 1 year and older. Over the course of our 17 years in business, we have received feedback from many customers who have successfully raised younger puppies on v-dog.

However, the new cans of our happy harvest soft food are nutritionally complete and meets AAFCO standards for BOTH adult dogs AND puppies. That means we all now have a puppy food formula fit for your young dogs.

Since puppies are still growing, they do require many more calories in their food than adult dogs. To achieve this, some people will increase the serving size of the kibble they feed their dogs daily, and some add additional healthy fats like coconut oil or flax oil. If you choose to use v-dog for your younger puppy, be sure to monitor your pup's weight and increase the serving size accordingly. And we now recommend you use the happy harvest formula for dogs under 1 year old. 
If you have additional questions about puppies eating v-dog, you can email us at for more resources.

Allergies & sensitive tummies

How can v-dog help with allergies?

Many dogs have allergic reactions to pollen, spores, and other plants in the environment, and as a result, you may notice your canine companion excessively itching their skin, pawing at their runny eyes, or licking/chewing their paws. So too, ingredients in their daily meals may also disrupt healthy digestion and trigger their allergy symptoms, including developing skin rashes and unhealthy coats (excessive shedding, patchy fur, etc.).

What if my dog has allergies or a sensitive tummy?

Since 2005, we've heard from thousands of customers with dogs who are prone to various allergies and sensitive stomachs. After switching to our kibble, they've seen unbelievable improvement in all these issues. Allergy relief is the most common feedback that we receive from our customers, and since our hypoallergenic kibble also doesn't contain any corn, soy, or wheat, it is easily digestible for dogs of all ages.

Picky eaters

My dog is really picky. How can I get them interested in v-dog?

Many picky dogs love the v-dog kibble by itself, but if you find that your pup needs a little extra incentive, we have a few tips and tricks to pique their interest.

The first thing we recommend is mixing in some of our happy harvest soft food for a delicious mealtime experience. You can also try sprinkling some nutritional yeast on top of their kibble to add a little cheesy flavor to their food.

Finally, we also have a recipe for a savory topper that you can easily make at home to enhance the flavor of your dog's food, and you can also try adding your pup's favorite fruits and veggies sometimes to really catch their attention.

Feel free to share your own unique recipes with v-dog by emailing us at, and we'll be sure to pass them along to other families with furry friends to enjoy.

Other health answers

What is dental health?

Dental hygiene is super important to your dog’s overall health. Neglecting your furry friend’s dental hygiene can result in costly and dangerous medical procedures later in life. Gently brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis is the best way to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar over the years. Including a daily dental chew like the v-dog breathbones is also an easy and enjoyable way to boost your pup's dental hygiene routine. Read more about best dental hygiene practices and beneficial ingredients here.

What is heart health?

The health of your dog's heart is vitally important to the quality of their life and their longevity, and of course, we all want to support their cardiovascular welfare with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Does v-dog help with weight management?

Absolutely! Many dogs with weight problems who switch to v-dog kibble and happy harvest tend to drop excess body fat and maintain a healthy weight since our food contains lean ingredients that are easily digestible.

Can diabetic dogs eat v-dog?

Plant-based diets are a great fit for diabetic dogs because they can help regulate blood glucose the same way that they do in humans. If you have more questions about any health-related concerns about your dog, don't hesitate to email us at

What if my dog is prone to urinary crystals?

Our kibble provides 100% complete nutrition for adult dogs, and it includes ingredients such as methionine and cranberries to balance the pH for urinary tract health. Please check out this article for more information if your dog is prone to urinary tract issues.