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Health problems totally reversed!

"I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for this wonderful product. We are a family of vegans going on 6 years now. We have 2 Boston Terriers, Lila who is 4 years old and Bugsy who turns 12 this month! In the last year Bugsy has been having some health problems due to age. He was finding it very difficult to move around especially in the morning and going up and down our stairs was becoming troublesome for him. He could only chase after the ball once and then would have to take a break, same thing on walks...he could only make it so far before he needed to rest. Also his eyes had become very cloudy and I feared he was beginning to lose his sight. Before Vdog we were feeding them a high end expensive grain free food. We were horrified to discover a couple months ago that the main ingredient was lamb! I am still kicking myself for not reading the ingredients closely. Well we have had both of them on your dog food for going on 2 months now and the difference in Bugsy in particular is astounding! In that short amount of time Bugsy’s eyes have gone completely clear! And he is RUNNING up and down our stairs and he looks about 5 years younger. We are completely flabbergasted at such a dramatic change in such a short amount of time. It is pretty obvious to me that the other food was aging him much quicker! So from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU SO MUCH for developing this product. You have given Bugsy (AKA Bug Bug) a new lease on life!"

The London Family

Frankly the best!

"Here is our Frank Sinatra right after we received our shipment of V-dog! We heard about your company at a Farm Sanctuary event and Frank has been a V-dog for about a year and half now! Thank you V-dog!"

Strong and Healthy Survivor

"Benji was rescued by my ex-wife and I in August of 2014 from an abusive and neglecting 'owner' in Toms River, NJ, who constantly beat him, starved him, and had him chained to a tree with a tow-truck cable with no shelter (even throughout his first ever winter). Ever since his rescue over 2 years ago, he has been on a completely vegan diet. At age 3, and 90 lbs, his fur is still as shiny and soft as a puppy, his energy and strength is phenomenal and he is as healthy as he can be :) "

Gergo Kohalmi ​

Loving life...and V-dog food!

"My dog Sandy (a Lab mix) was very excited when the food arrived.  She and her friend would give me no peace until I opened the bag and gave them each some. I was concerned that they would not like it, but I am sure now that they love it! I am thrilled to try out vegan dog food. Here are Sandy and her friend Buntu playing. I would take a picture of the two of them eating the new V-Dog food, but they eat it so fast....Eat, Sleep, Play = it's a dog's life."
Nancy B

Great food for recovery and beyond

"Walter injured his back somehow and the MRI revealed 2 blown discs. He had an emergency back surgery, but never retained function in his back legs, even after months of therapy. He needs consistent food for a good coat and solid tummy as he's on a schedule. Happy we found v-dog!"


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V-dog passes the taste test!

"I have two picky chihuahuas and I was nervous to try V-Dog because when I tried other vegetarian formulas, my dogs wouldn't eat it. The older one, Boomer (right), used to let his food sit all day…hoping I would give him something better.  Well not any more!  As soon as I put down a small bowl of the V-Dog food, he scarfed it up!  I tried to mix his old food with the new food, and he ate around the old kibble! I'm vegan and I'm so glad I'm able to feed Boomer and Lilly a vegan diet."



Hooray for v-dog!!

"Hennessy wants to say THANK YOU so much for the bandana. She loves it!! She is a huge fan of v-dog and doing great at age 10 :) "


Rash-free and happy as can be!

"Hi! My name is Pumpkin. When I was 4, my moms and I went vegan! Before that, I would get bumps and rashes, and my face would even swell up! My mom was very worried and gave me benadryl often. We tried many types of food, but it wasn't until we tried vegan dog food that the rashes went away!! Now, 3 years later, I'm rash free, happy, healthy and loving life as a vegan pup! I love V-dog food and especially the treats!"


Proud v-dog seniors

"Our vegan baby boy, Benny (left), passed away in July at 13 years and 7 months old. My husband Garrett and I are convinced that he was as healthy as he was and lived as long as he did in part thanks to V-Dog. So, thank you V-Dog. 13.5 year old Sadie (right) is enjoying her V-Dog as well!"


11 years on v-dog!

"Kenzie has been on V-dog for about 11 years now! She is beautiful inside and out :) "

Vegan Seniors Rule!

"Our family is a huge fan of V-Dog and our dog Warren passed what we believe would be his fifteenth birthday this summer. Who doesn't love to see adorable, healthy, senior vegan dogs?"
Dallas Rising

Healthy and Happy

"Just want to thank you for continuing to provide a vegan choice. My dog is allergic to animal products. Even the vet prescription food was preserved with animal fat which my dog reacted to. Thanks to your company, my dog is free of the itching and infections he was constantly getting before I figured out what he was reacting to. He has been on this food for over a year and he is healthy and happy. His weight is stable and his coat looks good. Keep up the good work."

Linda N.

Never been healthier

"As usual, I am totally in love with V-dog! Emma (2 year old Yorkie Mix) has been on V-dog since May 2015 and is doing amazing. She recently had her yearly labs done and all levels were normal! Her teeth and gums look amazing and her skin is clear and healthy! We recently added a new member to our pack: meet Jackson the Cocker Spaniel! At 10 months old, his previous owners were feeding him a very cheap, highly processed food. He was underweight, had dandruff, and tartar buildup on his teeth. In 3 weeks, I've switched him over to V-dog, he's put on 3 lbs, is building muscle, and his dandruff has cleared up. His previous owner said there were days he would "skip" his old meals but now Jackson never misses his V-dog meal!! His *only* complaint is that he prefers a semi-dry or wet food but don't worry, we remedy that by pouring a warm, low sodium, diluted vegan veggie broth over his V-dog and he *loves* it!! Thanks again, V-dog! Loyal customers for life!"


Adios, allergies!

"Oggie started to have many skin issues when he was 2. His tear stains were bad and he often suffered from ear infections. Not to mention his farts were awful!  Since switching to v-dog food 2 years ago we have noticed many positive changes. His coat has a nice shine to it and all his skin irritations and allergies are no longer there. No more gnarly farts and his ear infections are minimal as long as we manage his cleaning every few days. Oggie is quite the love bug and can't resist cuddles, kisses and snuggling. Oh and he loves stealing your seat! 
We started feeding Emma v-dog food as soon as we adopted her. Her coat is still like a puppy at 4 years old and everyone comments on how soft she is as a full grown pup. She is extremely playful and loves to frisbee in the backyard and have visitors. She manages to steal the hearts of everyone she meets."
Chrissy Sefchik

No more joint pain!

"My dogs have been using v-dog since January of this year. My oldest, Mazi, is 6 years old and has been battling bone/joint issues for a couple years.  We've always bought her the most expensive, natural, glucosamine filled dog food AND gave her glucosamine pills (that she hated). I also keep Rimadyl in the house for her. She was diagnosed with FULL arthritis very young and has luxating patella in both back legs. Mazi used wake up stiff and slow to get around, and taking her on walks would cause her to limp. She was just not my happy girl. It's been almost 7 months since we switched her food and she is a completely different dog! No longer stiff from laying too long. No longer has issues on walks, AND she has been keeping up with our very spunky bulldog puppy, Leia. They run (sprint really), jump, roll around, and play all day together. Thank you, V-Dog, for giving me my princess back!"

Amber Kuppert