Tons of health problems solved with v-dog!

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Plant-powered senior

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Jasmine Flores  @Vegan_fitchick

Allergy relief...finally!

"My pup Jax is almost three years old, he has suffered from allergies since he was just a puppy ... "
Brody Rylan

No more allergies to battle

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Mike, Kimbo and Merriweather @bulldogs_of_the_burbs

Won't eat their old food anymore!

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Ashley Young ᐧ

High quality, environmentally responsible product

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Lane Forsander

Ear problems finally gone!

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6 years on v-dog and THRIVING

"11 years old and has been on V-dog for 6 years! He's THRIVING " Kristina Plummer "
Kristina Plummer

Picky eater no more!

"My 'princess' is a very picky eater. We used to have to top her old kibble with all sorts of gr... "
Carrie Harrison

Loves the mini bites!

"Our little Tobi has been on a vegan diet since we adopted her, some 7 years ago. We have histor... "

Healthier coat and skin

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Tastiest vegan food out there

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Gayle Loving

Relief from back pain!

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Happy customer!

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Clear eyes and healthy coat

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Rachel Rose Farber