When done right, plants can be healthier for dogs

Research confirms dogs can thrive long-term on v-dog plant-based kibble. Domestic dogs maintained positive clinical, nutritional, and hematological health outcomes when fed v-dog for a year.

Just like you, dogs are omnivorous

Over almost thirty thousand years, dogs have evolved alongside humans, and as a result, their bodies have adapted to digest and access the nutrition of fruits, veggies, and grains.

Meat, eggs, and dairy are the top 3 allergens for dogs

In a 2016 study exploring food allergens in dogs and cats, researchers found that beef, dairy, and chicken induced cutaneous adverse food reactions (CAFRs) in most breeds.

Does your veterinarian need more information on plant-based nutrition?

We work closely with veterinarians who support a nutritionally complete vegan diet for dogs. While we can’t offer clinical advice, we’re happy to offer resources! Simply email us at support@v-dog.com.

FAQs about plant-based dogs

Will my dogs like the taste?

We've designed our products to be both nutritious and delicious. Many customers report that their dogs not only enjoy v-dog kibble but actually prefer it to their old food. If your dog is a picky eater, you can add some nutritional yeast on top or try our recipe for our savory topper to enhance their meal. Mixing your kibble with a can of our soft food happy harvest can also pique your dog's interest.

How do I get started with v-dog?

Transitioning your dog to v-dog is simple. Over 5 to 10 days, gradually mix the new food with the old, and you'll soon have a happy, healthy pup. Start with a third of the new food and then move to two-thirds of new kibble and gradually increase to 100% v-dog.

Do I need to transition my dog if I add or supplement with the happy harvest soft food?

When changing your dog's diet, it's best to introduce the new canned food slowly. Over a period of 4 to 6 days, gradually mix the new food into their diet, making sure it doesn't exceed one-quarter of their daily intake. You can refer to the product's feeding guidelines as a starting point. Happy harvest soft food is about one-quarter the density of dry kibble, so for every portion of dry kibble you remove, you can add about four times that amount of soft food. However, if you want to use it as an occasional treat or topper, you can maintain your regular kibble portion and simply add happy harvest.

My veterinarian does not support a meat-free diet for my dog. What do I do?

Here at v-dog, we work closely with veterinarians who support a nutritionally complete vegan diet for dogs. Check out our veterinarians page for more info. We cannot offer official veterinary advice, but we are happy to offer resources if you email us at support@v-dog.com.

Is v-dog veterinarian-approved?

Yes! We work with a team of vets who support and endorse a complete and balanced vegan diet for dogs. Learn more about our veterinary partners here.

Can dogs thrive on a plant-based diet?

Yes! Dogs are omnivores, which means they have adapted to digest plant-based foods over thousands of years of evolution alongside humans. They possess up to 30 copies of the AMY2B gene for this purpose. Since 2005, we've witnessed tens of thousands of dogs thriving on v-dog kibble, which is veterinarian-approved and exceeds AAFCO requirements for adult dog nutrition. For the latest evidence on the health benefits of a plant-based diet for dogs, especially using v-dog kibble, check out our YouTube discussion.

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