Puppy Love!


"My husband and I are so in awe of how amazing this food is for our little puppy. We have a 13 week old puppy and we’ve been giving him Vdog since the day he came home, when he was 9 weeks old. Since the first moment he absolutely loved the food, we would always have to refill his bowl because he was done eating within a matter of minutes and always asking for more. We bought the 4 pack of food, and it didn’t even lasted us a month!!!! He was devouring a bag a week, and he is just a puppy.

Last week we ran out of food (because again, I didn’t think he was going to eat a bag + a week) totally my fault. We email you guys to see if you could speed the shipping, instead you were kind enough to send some recipes my way to try to give my puppy something while we waited. He ate a little but he was clearly not in love with them as he is with vdog. In desperation we proceeded to go to our nearest pet store and we got some Halo vegan food for him. He took a couple of bites that day but he didn’t eat much, no matter what we did!! We even tried to mix it with his favorite treats but he would just eat around it. It was 2-3 days of waiting for vdog and my little puppy didn’t want to eat anything else, we honestly tried everything. Finally yesterday his food arrived and he is back to his normal self devouring his food. We feed him 3 times a day, sometimes he ends up eating 5 cups of food a day!!

It was honestly mind-blowing to see how much he loves vdog and how good it is for him. Since he is a puppy we do bulk up his food with coconut oil for the healthy fats and some steamed sweet potatoes.

THANK YOU immensely for the great product you put out there for our little furry friends. The proof is how happy, big and healthy my puppy is growing."

-Ana D.

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