Big fan of the Mini Bites!

"Thank you V-Dog for making the mini bites! We've had our bigger, senior dogs on the regular siz... "
Mackenzie Holliday

My vegan rescue pup goes CRAZY for v-dog!

"Jilly has unlimited energy on v-dog! She absolutely loves the taste of the kibble and goes craz... "

Crazy for breathbones!

"This is my V-dog Greta! Breathbones are her favorite thing in the entire world. She's been a V-... "

Only dog food I trust

"My dog loves v-dog! I cook for him but wanted to supplement his homemade food. This is the only... "
Bea Knight

Big fans!

"We’re very pleased that our dog, Tao, likes your v-food; we were worried she wouldn’t eat it. B... "

Perfect for weight maintenance!

"I am thankful for V-dog :-) !! Dexter the Olde English Bulldog had to watch his 'girlish figure... "
Nance Kopecky

V-dog for rescue pups

"I have 2 Yulin survivors who did very well with some v-dog we received from your donation. Glad... "


"Stasio loves his v-dog kibble!" Agnes Pajączek  "
Agnes Pajączek 

Love that I can buy vegan food for my dog!

"Mango is a Maltipoo, 8 years young. He's been eating V-dog for almost 2 years and he loves it! ... "

Yay for V-dog!

"We love the V-dog products and have had healthy, happy dogs for years because of their vegan li... "
Megan Lamb Martinez

Poster-dog for vegan wellness!

"Thank you for your wonderful product. I have a 16-year-old pit mix and she is incredibly health... "
Audrey Tomaselli

Kinder kibble, kinder world

"Stella Summer has been vegan/ plant based since she was a puppy! She is a sweet, loving pitbull... "
Suzanne M Bonner

Ingredients are not a mystery like other dog foods!

"Thank you for making such a great product! My dogs love it and I love that it's not a mystery w... "
Susannah, Gus (chihuahua mix) and Maebelle (corgi mix)

Healthy and cruelty-free!

"Here’s Zipper, he’s 10 years old, healthy and alert. He’s a V-Dog and veggie lover -- his favor... "
BJ Reed

V-dog for life!

"I've been eating mini-bites since I was rescued. It's tasty and my farm-animal-friends get to l... "