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Lov’n the Jerky

My two fur babies Love this jerky!!! They start jumping around and getting excited when they see the bag in my hands! It’s just a little tough for my very small girl to chew, so I break it into little pieces for her.

My puppy has been eating this since he was 10 weeks old

I started my rescue puppy on V-Dog at 10 weeks when we adopted him. Now 8 months old, he is the most fit, muscular, 8-month-old pit bull puppy I have ever seen. My 12-year-old pittie loves it as well. Thank you!

My dog loves it!

Other foods have caused stomach issues for my dog. With this food, it cleared up within a couple days! She loves the taste too. It’s a win-win!

We Love This

Our 2 dogs have loved Kind Jerky from the start, and we do to. Just the idea that we are adding more plants into their diets is wonderful. Also, I love that I am not harming any animals when I feed this treat. They are just firm enough in texture to provide a good chew but I can still snap them into pieces to share.

Excellent treat!!

Marty and Delilah get their kind jerky after their morning walk and in the afternoon after getting the mail. They love the jerkies. Excellent vegan option :)

Dogs loved it!

kind jerky
Kind Jerkey

Chibi and Navi immediately sit and lift their paws waiting for their daily snack. Thank you V-dog for giving us a free bag with our normal case of food. They like them more then their normal treats.

Great natural soap!

We really like this soap and have purchased several times now. It has a nice natural scent (not overwhelming or 'chemical' smelling), and doesn't dry out our dogs skin.

Best Decision Ever

We are vegan, so felt bad about feeding our dogs animal products but we also wanted to make sure they had the nutrition they needed. After a lot of research, I decided to try V-dog. They immediately loved it. Our dogs are six and 11 and are very healthy and have never had any significant health problems. The monthly subscription means I never have to worry about running out or lugging heavy dog food bags around town. The customer service is excellent. I recently had UPS damage one of the boxes with one of the bags of food and they immediately replaced it with no questions asked. Try it for your dogs, and it will be the best decision you’ve made.

Best dog food ever

This is the food you feed your dog for th the best possible nutrition. V-dog for life🌱

Great Snack for Happy Healthy Senior Pups

My dogs love the jerky! Perfect size and healthy ingredients to keep my senior pups happy!

Our dogs love it!

Our dogs love the canned food and the kibble. One dog just had a surgery but even under anesthesia she will still Wolf this food down! Also works great for giving meds, it's solid enough to easily hide pills in.

These are my senior girl’s favorite thing

This is the expected, highly anticipated treat I give 13 year old Lucy when I leave for an extended errand. She lets me know if I forget, and runs off to enjoy once she has it in her mouth.

Our dogs 💕 this!

Our 13-1/2 year old and 1-1/2 year old are big fans of this kibble!

Dogs love it!

I have a 10 yr old and a 5 month old. They both love happy harvest canned food! I am so happy there's something from V-dog formulated for all ages including puppies.

kind jerky
Happy Vegan Fur Babies

My Fur Babies Love The V-Dog Jerky! They always let me know when it is snack time...

The Only One to Buy

My 8 y/o dog has been V-dog his entire life. His health is great, and I feel completely confident that V-dog is the reason.

Kind Kibble

I love V-Dog for my two adopted fur babies. I used it with my last dog and now my boys I have currently. Now that I have switched them from dead animal food, their stool has gotten better, more bulk and firmer than before. They seem to love it because they wolf it down. Also, my heart feels better feeding them V-Dog.

The dogs love it!

The dogs have enjoyed it very much! The only comment I would have is that I wish it wasn't quite so expensive.

Picky Labradoodle

I am so glad v-dog has started making this vegan canned food. My 6yr old labradoodle is extremely picky. But he likes happy harvest and mum is extremely happy😊.

Breath bones

These breath bones are love by all five of my dogs. They really do work.

Great Food!

V-Dog is amazing! My pit bull has IBD and has to be on a strict plant-based diet. This food has transformed his life. He is healthy, fit and happy. He is also a 3-year survivor of hemangiosarcoma's, which is unheard of. He has broken all the stats of how long dogs survive with hemangiosarcoma's after diagnoses and surgery. (90% are dead in the first year and almost 100% are dead by the second year). I put his survival down to his plant based diet. Plant based diets are recommended for humans who have had cancer to stop the cancer coming back, and it seems to be the same for my dog. The vets can not believe he is still alive with no signs of the hemangiosarcoma's. And he is happy and thriving.

Our pups love it!

Our dogs go crazy for the Kind Jerky! We love the ingredients and they love the flavor! Win win!

Great dog food!

I’m a vet and wanted to find the best quality food for my dog but also the best for other animals and the environment! She loves it and it has decreased her GI issues.

Perfect bite!

My Emma loves her mini-kibble. It’s the right size for her and I don’t have to worry about her gulping down a large chunky kibble. Wish it were the same price as the regular B-Dog, though.