Perfect weight and lots of energy

"I am so grateful that your wonderful product exists.  Kerby loves it more than any other food h... "

Improved allergies, knee pain, and weight

"I love your products! My pup Rhiannon made the big switch to vegan with V-Dog a few months ago ... "

Shaking and stomach problems gone!

"My husband and I have 2 Pomeranians - Bailey (3) and Honey (4). They are our babies! We have be... "
Erika Papa

Perfect for weight maintenance!

"I am thankful for V-dog :-) !! Dexter the Olde English Bulldog had to watch his 'girlish figure... "
Nance Kopecky

Never skips a meal

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Rachel Kelly

No more frequent vet visits for my senior dog!

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Noel Lehr

Love the fresh ingredients!

"I'm beyond thrilled of all the love you have shined our way. We could not be more grr-ateful! M... "
The Corona Pack: Denise, Harley Quinn, and Nala

Slim, trim, and tear-stain free!

"Our five-year-old bulldog Bumpy has been on V-dog for five months now and has shown a significa... "

Clear skin and yummy food!

"I would LOVE to see more animals on a plant-based diet.  So much healthier and it cracks me up ... "

Healthy and Happy

"Just want to thank you for continuing to provide a vegan choice. My dog is allergic to animal p... "
Linda N.

Smooth skin and tons of energy!

"We have a lovely Xoloitzcuintli named Xena who has a severe gluten allergy. So naturally we swi... "
Michelle K Rider

Satisfied and at a healthy weight!

"My pup loves V-dog! She has never been more vibrant and I have no problem controlling her weigh... "

No Allergies and No Tear Stains!

"Since becoming vegan, Remi and Winnie, have grown into beautiful Frenchies. Perfect weight, lot... "

No more upset stomach

"This is our crazy deft dane Bessie! With being deft she has a lot of recessive traits, meaning ... "
Nicholas Gillespie