Worth the wait!

"As a vegan family it wasn’t until recently that we began to look into a vegan diet for our dog. I actually came across VDog food on a nutrition podcast that I listen to frequently. 
We were really pleased with the quality and sustainability of VDog but transitioning to it was did bring us some hesitations. We have changed dog foods a number of times and are familiar with how the process goes. When transitioning to VDog our pup had softer than normal stool for nearly two or three weeks. We were questioning our decision but continued to include her old food with VDog. After a solid three weeks on VDog her stool finally returned to normal and we are so glad we didn’t give up on the transition albeit a bit longer than anything we’ve ever done before. 
I just want to provide a testimonial of our transition to ensure other pet owners who may be experiencing the same thing that VDog is well worth the slow transition and it may take longer for their pups digestive system to adjust to such a new variety of foods just like us humans. 
We’re grateful vegan dog food is an option and we’re just sad we hadn’t found it earlier."
-Chelsea F.

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