Convenient and worth every penny!

"I am not sure how much easier it gets than to order your products that already contain all the ... "
Jo and Koa Kissler

Vets can't believe it!

"When I went vegan to reduce animal suffering just over 4 years ago, I switched my German Shephe... "
Meg Pasquini

My dog lived to age 20 as a vegan!

"My dog Seven, a longtime V-dog customer, lived to the wonderful old age of 20. His little broth... "
Jill Breslauer

Mini Bites for Mini Pups!

"I am so excited to offer my dogs the small bite kibble. I have 3 mini poodle mixes and even tho... "

Gentle on digestion

"V-dog basically saved my dog Laydie’s life, and also saved me thousands of dollars in additiona... "

Thankful for v-dog!

"Our rambunctious 4 year old black lab, Felix, loves your kibble, and here's to hoping we have e... "
Erik and Felix

Improved skin, fur, and energy

"My dog is about 6 years old, that's what the vet guessed. We adopted him about 8 months ago. He... "
Robert & Simon

No more prescription diet!

"I'm grateful you all make this high quality food that my English Lab isn't allergic to!  You ar... "

Love it!

"We love the food. Our pup Sully is a happy vegan dog! Been feeding him V-dog for over a year no... "
Ed Arnold

Happy, healthy, and allergy-free!

"Chapman is a happy, healthy, allergy free V-dog :) Thanks for making such a great product!" Mi... "

Smart and Ethical

"I'm an Ethics Professor. With V-Dog supporting his boundless energy, shiny coat, and happy disp... "
Randy Larsen PhD

Stellar Bloodwork

"My dog Kobe has been eating v-dog for over a year now and it's been absolutely incredible, with... "

Cleared up eye redness!

"My pups' names are Olivia (longhair), Izzy (white shorthair), and Oogie (grey and white shortha... "


"I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU and a shout-out to all of you at V-dog! Rocky was resting a lot... "
Laura Sanchez

Checks all the boxes!

"Our boy Duke is 13 years old. My husband and I adopted him from the Humane Society 11 years ago... "