Smart and Ethical

"I'm an Ethics Professor. With V-Dog supporting his boundless energy, shiny coat, and happy disp... "
Randy Larsen PhD

Stellar Bloodwork

"My dog Kobe has been eating v-dog for over a year now and it's been absolutely incredible, with... "

Cleared up eye redness!

"My pups' names are Olivia (longhair), Izzy (white shorthair), and Oogie (grey and white shortha... "


"I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU and a shout-out to all of you at V-dog! Rocky was resting a lot... "
Laura Sanchez

Checks all the boxes!

"Our boy Duke is 13 years old. My husband and I adopted him from the Humane Society 11 years ago... "

Great Nutrition and Cruelty-free

"I love that my dogs, Ollie and Punkin, are eating V-Dog!!!! I feel so good knowing they are get... "

Vegan for the earth, animals, and health

"My babies Minnow and Addy are proud vegans! This lifestyle is the best choice for the earth, th... "

No more health problems or medications!

"Harry is 16 years old. He had developed arthritis, cataracts, allergies and horrible skin probl... "

Can't get enough!

"My 6 year old vegan lab Cody has been on v-dog for over 4 years. He can't wait to open a new ba... "

Delicious food!

"Our foxy boy LOVED his new food!!! He devoured it!!! Thank you for making an animal product wit... "

Improved health at 13

"Our wiener dog has been vegan for 1 month and his health has greatly improved. Hes a happy 13 y... "

Beautiful and Itch-free!

"After using V-dog for over 3 years, it's safe to say we are hooked and for good reason. Before ... "
Devan Ciccarelli

Full of Energy

"As vegans ourselves (my partner Aly even has a blog where she reviews vegan products), we have ... "

Great company and product!

"V-dog is AMAZING and all three of our boys love it. Thanks so much for creating such an amazing... "

V-dog Bulldogs

"You guys have always been great and my bulldogs love the food. Thank you guys for everything yo... "
Shawn Williams, Bodie, Louie, and Chance