Dave: A Legacy Left to Two-and Four-Legged Friends Alike

I met Dave in May of 2013 at Worldfest LA. I'd learned about V-dog two months earlier, through a PCRM vegan cooking class I was taking in LA. I'd jokingly asked the PCRM teacher, wouldn't it be great if you could feed your pooch a vegan diet? She said she did(!) and told me all about vegan dogs and raved about V-dog and their products. I bought a bag of kibble right away and Chewbacca, my recent rescue, loved it.
I told Dave this back-story when I unexpectedly happened upon the V-dog booth at Worldfest. We got to talking about the company, its mission, the future, and ways V-dog could use help. It was immediately clear to me that Dave, his team, his family, and the growing company were all something very special. Over the last year, I've worked closely with Dave on various odds and ends of the business. What a guy. He was wise, kind, thoughtful, sharp, funny, down-to-earth, fascinating, enthusiastic, energetic, a work horse, and resolute--undaunted in the face of challenges (and V-dog has faced a few!).
What an honor to have known and spent some time with Dave. He cared about people, animals, and the world we all share. Better for Pooch & Planet isn't just some cute slogan. It's the deeply held mission and belief system that Dave infused into all aspects of V-dog, though never in a heavy-handed or dog-matic way (Dave would appreciate that pun, I think). Through his vision, verve, work ethic, and one-of-a-kind mojo, Dave forged a unique company and community that's making a difference toward monumental issues we all face.
Dave's example and legacy has touched me--and many others--so much for the better. As V-dog forges ahead, Dave will be fondly remembered and dearly missed by two--and four-legged friends alike.
Will Schafer

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