My Life With Dave

 We met 52 years ago in the cafeteria at San Jose State University. He pretended to introduce me to his friend so he could meet me...! (Not untypical behavior I would soon find out!) Although almost 6 years older than me, he charmed me into his life and we never wanted to be apart. Six months later, while standing near Vernal Falls in Yosemite, he proposed and we married in San Jose.

It did scare me a bit when he said he wanted to be the Ambassador to Germany. He had already traveled all over Europe with his dear friend, Bob Keim, and this peaked his interest in history. His world awareness impressed me and everyone else! He received his doctorate from OSU in German and Russian history and a fullbright scholarship was fulfilled in Vienna, Austria with 3 small children in tow.
He was so charming and could talk to anyone no matter their age or background. And, even though he met new people all the time, he kept all his friends from grade school and up and never let them get too far away from a lunch date.
His mother, dad and sister, Myrna, are wonderful and he loved them dearly. We have great children, Tory/husband Paul; Darren/wife Nomin; Colin/wife Dao, and 5 grandchildren he adored: Logan, Elly, Chase,Temu and Maia. So many kids from around the world became his "kids". We have Russian, German, Danish, Chinese, Mexican, Austrian, French, Davis and Sacramento "kids" who would think of him like a dad. He even had a "kid" he tutored from Children's Home Society.

He had friends from all over the world, plus ski, work, tennis, bike, and history friends! He had his animal advocacy friends and was a staunch supporter of social justice for animals and was on many animal advocacy boards, like Red Rover and PCRM. He knew that animals do not deserve cruelty and harm done to them and this was his main reason for starting v-dog food company. Social Justice for animals, he felt, is what we must have to stop the animal suffering, the economic, and environmental devastation. His favorite books were "Whole" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, "Food Choice and Sustainability by Dr. Richard Oppenlander and The World Peace Diet, by Dr. Will Tuttle and he cooked from friend Chef Aj the most.

He died doing what he loved to do; hike, and as he said, "bond" with my daughter, son in law, Paul and grand kids, Logan and Elly.

After retiring from Xerox, he started v-dog company, and as he said, "the top team possible" of Lindsay, Ryan, Will, Aimee, and Adrian, Sam, Ron, Darren, Colin and Tory.

What I miss the most is my best friend and his giant laugh. Sometimes, I had to tell him to stop laughing so hard as I could not hear anyone else! We had a grand 51 years and my hope in life is that all of you, his friends and "kids" will have a Dave in your life as that is what we all need and deserve.
I feel so much love and support from all our family and friends and thank you for your love. I will miss you Dave and the animals will miss you!
Linda Middlesworth

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