How do I switch my dog to a vegan diet?

New to vegan dog food? We've got you covered! Making the switch to a plant-based formula is super simple. Just follow the steps below to get started!

1. Choose your product.

You'll want to look for a dog food formula that meets AAFCO requirements, like v-dog kind kibble. This ensures that the diet is balanced and won't be lacking in crucial nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

2. Choose your size.

V-dog kibble comes in 2 sizes: original and mini bites. We recommend mini bites for pups under 10 lbs or pups who have trouble chewing.

3. Calculate your order.

Check out our handy kibble calculator below to estimate your pup's serving size based on their weight. (Every dog has unique calorie needs, so don't be afraid to adjust later on.)


4. Wait for your pup's food to arrive.

Warning: your pup may go wild on #vdogdeliveryday!

5. Transition your pup.

We recommend spending 5-10 days to transition your dog to any new food. Start by feeding your pup 1/3 of the v-dog and 2/3 of the old food, then slowly flip the ratios until you get to 100% v-dog.

6. Watch your pup thrive.

Dogs commonly see itchy skin, tummy troubles, and other allergy-related symptoms clear up once switched over to a vegan diet. With all of those plant-powered nutrients, your pup will be full of energy and loving mealtime. Check out hundreds of other thriving vegan doggies on our testimonials page!


V-dog is proud to make animal products without animal products. Since 2005, thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes have been thriving on v-dog food and treats. Our kibble meets AAFCO nutrition standards and is free of byproducts, fillers, and common allergens. Learn more about what we do at

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