Study Shows Meat & Dairy are Most Common Allergens in Dogs

A 2016 study by Mueller, et al. explored the prevalence of different food allergens in dogs and cats, particularly those causing cutaneous adverse food reactions (CAFRs) -- i.e., skin reactions. CAFRs include both food hypersensitivities (mediated by the immune system) and food intolerances (not involving the immune system). 

"At least one offending food allergen source was reported in each of the 297 dogs included in the selected studies," the researchers reported. The most frequently reported food allergens involved in CAFRs in dogs were:

  • beef (102 dogs, 34%)
  • dairy products (51 dogs, 17%)
  • chicken (45 dogs, 15%)
  • wheat (38 dogs, 13%)
  • lamb (14, 5%)

Other less commonly reported offending food sources were soy (18 dogs, 6%), corn (13 dogs, 4%), egg (11 dogs, 4%), pork (7 dogs, 2%), fish and rice (5 dogs each, 2%).

The study concluded that for dogs, the allergens most likely contributing to CAFRs are beef, dairy products, chicken, wheat and lamb. The researchers believe that the prevalence of each offending allergen is actually higher than reported, due to limitations in the body of literature analyzed.

Read the full article here, and learn more about food allergies in dogs here.


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Sources: American Veterinarian; NCBI

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