The Oppenlanders' Many Critters Love V-dog

Dr. Richard Oppenlander, author of Comfortably Unaware, is a big animal lover -- and all his sanctuary's rescue animals are big fans of v-dog! You may recognize his name from Cowspiracy, in which he offers his expertise on sustainability in our food system. Check out his family of plant-powered animals below!

Guarding the v-dog from the other animals.


Rocks make great pillows for sleepy pups!


All species love cuddles :)


Cruisin' around the farm.


Sharing some kibble with farm animal friends!



Learn about Dr. Oppenlander's groundbreaking work and the benefits of a vegan diet at Click here for an awesome infographic to share!


Plant-powered pooches save the planet! Here at v-dog, we make 100% vegan kibble, treats, and chews with our eco-footprint (er...pawprint) in mind. Going vegan saves endless natural resources including water, land, and fossil fuels -- all while working wonders for our health. And the good news is, our furry friends can be vegan too! Dogs are omnivorous, like us, and absolutely thrive on a balanced plant-based diet. 

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